Major road projects and new highways are included in the planning for the new NSRF 2021-2027 for completion by 2030. Major projects such as VOAK, Patra-Pyrgos, the extension of Kymi Avenue and the extension of Attiki Motorway to Rafina are just some of the proposed projects to be included in the new programming period in the “Transport” Operational Program. The projects are promoted by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport as the responsible ministry for their implementation.

An important feature of the accession proposals is their relatively balanced geographical distribution. This is how we see projects from Evros -with the connection of the Egnatia Motorway to the port of Alexandroupolis-, Epirus -with Ioannina-Kakavia-, Western Greece -with Patras-Pyrgos, up to Evia and Crete.

Emphasis has been placed on the completion of the construction of missing sections of the detailed Trans-European Road Network of the mainland and island country. With current planning, the country’s highway network will be significantly expanded by the end of the new NSRF.

Motorway projects

In the context of the further development of the country’s motorway network, the implementation of the following projects is tentatively planned:

The Chania-Hersonissos section of VOAK. It is the main part of the highway of Crete which will be implemented by the concession method. The tender is at an advanced stage and this year it is expected that the binding offers of the participants will be given. The projects are estimated to start in 2024 with a completion horizon of 2028-2029.

The construction of the highway Patras – Pyrgos of Olympia Motorway. The project has started construction as early as March 2022. It is initially financed by the NSRF 2014-2020 and will then be completed by the NSRF 2021-2027. Along with the project, it is planned to upgrade the connections of the side road network with the highway. The project is produced by TERNA, AKTOR, AVAX.

The third important project that we will see being proposed and included in the new NSRF is the construction of the Ioannina – Kakkavia road connection. The extention of the Ionian Motorway is of critical importance for the society of Epirus as it will serve critical sectors of the local economy such as industry and tourism. The tender is in the starting phase with a cost of 310 million euros.

At the same time, the road will contribute to the stimulation of trade / export activity through the connection with the Western Balkans. Also, the cross-border connection serves the Macro-regional Adriatic-Ionian Strategy (EUSAIR) and specifically the pillar “Adriatic-Ionian Multimodal Routes” as it is part of the Adriatic Road.

Finally, in the field of highways, one more project that the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport is interested in joining the new NSRF is the extension of Kymi Avenue (through tunnels) from Attiki Odos to U/J Kalyftaki with National Highway (PATHE).

The project in question has been tendered and the tender is in its final stage, while it is stuck in an appeal to the Council of State. The contractor is the TERNA-AKTOR-INTRAKAT consortium. It is the first extension of the Attiki Motroway and will give significant relief to the traffic chaos of Attica. Especially for Attiki Odos, the project is critical for easing traffic in the Metamorfosi-Plakentia section. It has a cost including VAT of 350 million euros.

Major Regional Road Projects

Major road projects may include new highways, but they are also major regional projects that will be attempted to be included in the new NSRF 2021-2027. They are projects that either complement road axes or start some new ones.

The first project is the completion of the construction of the Melivoia – Dimario subsection of the Dimario – Greek-Bulgarian border section, which is part of the vertical axis of the Egnatia Road, Xanthi – Echinos – Greek-Bulgarian Border and belongs to the Trans-European Road Network. The project is under construction with funding from the NSRF 2014-2020 and will be completed as a bridge project.

The second concerns the construction of the Bralos – Amfissa section of the Lamia-Itea-Antirrio diagonal axis. With the project, the level of road safety is significantly improved as most of it is built in mountainous terrain. The project has started to be built with the contractor AVAX. Its cost with VAT reaches 285 million euros.

The third project is the construction of the Chalkida-Psachni Bypass. The project creates better driving conditions while bypassing the capital of Evia, relieving it of traffic. And this project has been signed and the construction process has begun with Mytileneos as the contractor. With the option, its cost reaches 210 million euros.

Fourth is the Makrakomi-Tymfristos project, of the Lamia-Karpenisi road axis. The project is important since it largely completes the upgrade of this axis. The tender is in its initial phase and is expected to attract the interest of large construction groups since it has a budget that exceeds 250 million euros.

Road connections with Ports

The projects proposed for inclusion concern investments to strengthen the multimodality of transport through the interconnection of the road network with ports. They are important projects as the connection of the ports with the country’s highway network creates important development conditions. The projects are:

The completion of the connection of the P.A.Th.E. and Egnatia street with the 6th pier of the port of Thessaloniki and the road network of the Kalochori region. The project is in advanced construction, started with funding from the NSRF 2014-2020 and will be completed by the beginning of 2024.

The road connection between Egnatia and the port of Alexandroupolis. The €50m project was signed off in December 2021 and is commencing with funding from the NSRF 2014-2020. It will also be completed as a bridge project.

As mentioned in the program for the new NSRF, at the same time the project of the extension of the Western Regional of Ymittos towards the port of Rafina is maturing, so that it can be included in the Program. This is a project that is included in the expansion package of Attiki Odos.

It is particularly important as it will connect the second largest passenger port of Attica with the Attiki Odos and by extension with Athens, facilitating and shortening access to and from it.

The major road projects and new highways that we will see financed by the new NSRF 2021-2027 will be another powerful weapon for the country’s effort to become a freight hub of South-Eastern Europe.


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