It is with many new infrastructure projects that the year 2022 ends for our country. From the flyover in the Ring Road of Thessaloniki to the project to complete the Aigio-Rio railway line this year has been perhaps the most productive year of project initiations in a long time, perhaps since the time of the preparation for the Olympic Games.

The main element of the joint projects is how they expand existing networks in the country, in roads, railways, energy networks, etc. We also do not forget important projects for buildings such as that of the casino in Elliniko, which is on track for implementation, or the important flood control project of the Rafina Stream.

The new road projects

In 2022, after 10 years of waiting, the big road project for the Patra-Pyrgos highway finally started. The project, worth 300 million euros, concerns the construction of a new closed axis of 75 km. The section joined Olympia Odos and is being built by TERNA, AVAX and AKTOR.

Shortly before the end of 2022, the largest road project for this year was signed, the largest in Thessaloniki and the first with the PPP method. We are talking about the flyover in the Peripheral of Thessaloniki, which promises to give new possibilities to travel within and outside the city. The cost of the project reaches 480 million euros and the contractor is AVAX-MYTILINEOS. These two projects are implemented by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

The project with which the upgrade of VOAK to a highway begins is also very large. This is its eastern section from Neapolis to Agios Nikolaos, a project signed in September 2022. It is being built by AKTOR. It is also the first major road project funded by the Recovery Fund.

Equally important road projects signed in 2022 were: Drama-Kavala (INTERKAT-TEKAL), the Pythagorion bypass, the Kleisoura Tunnel (AKTOR), the Alexandroupolis Ring Road (TEKAL), the Provatona bypass (AKTOR), the Nicopolis bypass Preveza, the road safety projects in N.H. Patron-Pyrgou, the Filiatra-Gargaliani road section, the completion of the Great Ring of Ioannina, the Trikala-Karavoporos section, etc.

Railway projects

In the railway sector, 2022 was the most productive year in decades. A total of six projects were signed and started to be implemented by ERGOSE.

Top of all the projects was undoubtedly the project of completing the double electromotive line Aigio-Rio. The 180 million euro project was contracted last month with the contractor TERNA-MYTILINEOS. With this project, the electric train arrives at the door of Patras.

Also signed were the projects for the electrification of the sections Larissa-Volos (INTRAKAT), Kiato-Aigio (TERNA-MYTILINEOS) and Palaiofarsalos-Kalambaka (AVAX). Finally, the works for the second phase of the Athens station (INTRAKAT-RAILWAY PROJECTS) and the signaling of the Thessaloniki-Eidomeni line (AVAX-ALSTOM) also took the road of construction. These new rail projects are expected to be completed gradually by 2026 and help the development of the country’s rail transport.

The big building projects

In 2022, we had the signature of major building projects. Dominant is the project for the Integrated Resort Casino in Elliniko, an investment by GEK TERNA-HARD ROCK that exceeds 1 billion euros. The signing of the permit paves the way for construction, which is expected to begin by the summer of 2023.

Also of great importance are the restoration and enhancement projects of the former royal palace in Tatoi by the Ministry of Culture. The projects are in progress and are expected to be completed by 2025. The upgrade of the Benakei Library, which started in the spring, is also a project of cultural value. The project for the new wing of the Mamatse Hospital in Kozani is also important

Projects started in the energy sector

There were also quite a few projects that started in the energy sector. One of the most important projects was that of the Ampelia Compressor Station.

In the natural gas networks, we had new contracts for the extension to Chalkida-Thebes, Serres-Kilkis and Ioannina. The project for FSRU Alexandroupolis is also very important,

Drainage-dams-irrigation-water supply projects

In this area, we saw many contracts being signed. In water supply we have the water supply networks of settlements from Piro-Parapiro, the replacement of the Agrini water supply pipeline and the extension of the water treatment facility in Thessaloniki.

In drainage, the works for networks in Delesi, in Marathona-Nea Makri-Neos Voutzas started, while in irrigation we had the networks from the Triantafyllias Dam.

The rest of the new projects

We had important new contracts in other fields as well. For the upgrade of Chios Airport, for the expansion of the Tram Depot in Elliniko, for the Waste Units in Sitia and Hersonissos (Crete).

In the anti-flood works, we had the signing of the contracts for anti-flood works in the area of Lachanagora of Thessaloniki, the anti-flood works in Loutraki and the Arrangement of the Great Stream of Rafina.


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