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New masterplan for the Athens Olympic Complex presented, including PPP projects, new facilities and a new hotel



The Ministry of Culture and Sports has put forward major projects to upgrade the most emblematic sports infrastructure of the Greece, which is OAKA. A total of over 53 million euros will be invested in order for the space that is currently enclosed for the athletes, the citizens and the tourists, to be accessible and used properly.

Major projects include the renovation of the Calatrava shelters, the creation of a sports hotel, the creation of a building and a handball stadium, etc.

At the same time, a contract has been signed for the right to operate 16 tennis courts together with their auxiliary spaces within OAKA with “Stadium 2020”, a company under the control of TEMES SA. and I. Stasinopoulos.

In a presentation made a few days ago by the Deputy Minister of Sports, Lefteris Avgenakis, he first pointed out the actions since last year in order to immediately maintain the neglected sports facilities, Olympic and non-Olympic, supervised by the GGA and then focused on OAKA .

The vision, the strategic plan and the steps so far for the upgrade, modernization and full utilization of the Athens Olympic Sports Center “Spyros Louis” were presented. The company Dimand SA, prepared the complete Master Plan for OAKA.

The major projects-interventions that are planned are:

Energy Upgrade, Energy Saving interventions, Reduction of the Energy Footprint and integrated Waste Management System of the Olympic Complex “Spyros Louis” with a budget of 10,000,000 euros with a source of funding from the Recovery Fund.

Maintenance – Repair – Modernization of open and closed engine rooms of the Swimming Pool of the Sports Complex “Spyros Louis” with a budget of 4,500,000 euros and a source of funding the Recovery Fund

Phase B: Replacement of worn material, Restoration of damaged infrastructure, Maintenance and Restoration of sports infrastructure of the Olympic Complex “Spyros Louis” with a budget of 1,500,000 euros and source of funding the Regular Budget of O.A.K.A.

Reconstruction works of infrastructure and tartan of the corridors of the Central Olympic Stadium, of the two open auxiliary stadiums / training centers K1 and K2 of O.A.K.A.

Reconstruction of the Insulation on the roofs of the Indoor Swimming Pool and the Indoor Gym “Nikos Galis” of O.A.K.A with a budget of 150,000 euros and source of funding the Attica Region.

Reconstruction and Reinforcement of Fencing and Entrance / Exit Doors of O.A.K.A. and a budget of 110,000 euros and a source of funding for the Attica Region.

There are also 5 major projects that need maturation to be implemented

1. Static Reinforcement and Maintenance of Olympic Stadium shelters and general Maintenance and Repairs program Budget: 15,000,000 euros with a source of funding in the Attica Region.

2. Design and Construction of a central building housing federations and an Indoor National Stadium for events and handball with a budget of 5,000,000 euros and planning to be implemented as a PPP project.

3. Study and Construction of a four or five star hotel with a capacity of 100 to 150 rooms in utilization of the remaining building factor of the complex with an estimated cost of 6,000,000 – 10,000,000 euros. This project will be sought to be implemented as a PPP project.

4. Design and construction of maintenance, rehabilitation and modernization of an Indoor Athletic Training Center and OAKA hostels with a budget of 4,000,000 euros and expected funding from European Resources.

5.Study and construction of maintenance, restoration and modernization of an Indoor Swimming Pool and creation of a new swimming pool with a source of financing: LAMDA DEVELOPMENT.

Collaboration with Lamda Development

It is worth mentioning that in collaboration with Lamda Development a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation was signed on July 28 for the transfer and development of the facilities of the National Sports Center of Agios Kosmas within the Metropolitan Green Park and Recreation in Elliniko. The Memorandum stipulates, among other things, that Lamda will consider proposals of the Ministry of State with the aim of planning the utilization and renovation of our Olympics and in general sports facilities in Attica.

In the coming days, as Mr. Avgenakis said, a proposal will be submitted to the company for the complete reconstruction of the Wet Sports Athletics Center at the Olympic Stadium as well as the construction of another, new, 25 x 25 meter pool, to meet the increased training needs of athletes in view of the pre-Olympic season.

At the same time, a proposal will be submitted immediately, within the next few days, which will concern the renovation of part of the hostels that host the sports federations in OAKA.

Building projects

Two new building facilities for the Handball House are also considered important, a stadium of international standards, which will be able to host the national teams, in view of the World Junior Championship that will take place in the next summer. News is expected here soon.

The second is the House of Sports Federations which will be done with PPP and includes the construction of a new, modern, large building, within OAKA, which will fully house all the sports federations of our country.

The creation of a museum inside the facilities is also being prepared, while the OAKA footbridge connecting the Olympic Museum of Athens, which is to operate in a neighboring building from mid-December, has been completed.

Andriopoulos: OAKA can become a landmark

Mr. Andriopoulos, head of the company Dimand, which conducted the study on a non-profit basis, speaking at the relevant event, said that the space should be utilized and be able to become a tourist and sports landmark to become a landmark of the city. In fact, as he said, if it enters the tourist map, it could have, with moderate forecasts, revenues over 2 million euros, only from tickets from visitors for a one-hour tour.

He also stressed that a sports hotel should operate inside the venue as it does with all major sports centers abroad.

He also noted that the future of OAKA, which has two phases, one that is being developed and implemented now and a second that is the most visionary, should be a pole of sports, culture and entertainment.




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