The long-awaited railway project for the installation of electric locomotives in the Larissa-Volos railway section is now officially up for auction. This is a project that, upon completion, will allow the connection of Volos with Thessaloniki by electric trains, while it will reduce the required time between the two cities in Thessalia to less than 30 minutes.

The contracting authority of the project is ERGOSE which will be auctioned on January 18 2021 while on the 22nd of the same month the bids will be unsealed. The cost of the project was estimated at an amount of 82.89 million euros with VAT included (66.84 million euros without VAT). The project is expected to attract the interest of many companies.

The duration of the contract is set at 72 months from the date of signing the contract. The construction period is about 3 years. The goal for the project is to be completed and put into operation by 2024. The project is funded by the NSRF 2014-2020 through the OP. “Transport Infrastructure, Environment and Sustainable Development 2014 – 2020”.


This is the first of a series of projects to be announced in the next 40 days. According to information from, the next will be the signaling project in the Thessaloniki-Eidomeni section, while the second phase project of the Athens railway station will follow. In January, it is estimated that the project of completion and operation of the new double railway line Aigio-Rio will be announced, a project of exceptional importance since the electric train will be very near to Patras.


To summarise, the subject of the project under auction concerns:

– the construction of a new single railway line of normal width, in the section from CH. 49 + 184 (before the entrance of SS Latomio) to CH. 59 + 677 (entrance of Volos SS), to replace the existing non-operating, metric or mixed range, line in the same section,

– the complete construction of the electric drive system, which includes:

– the trolley type overhead contact line for 25 kV, 50 Hz and for design speed of 100 km / h electrification system, the provided protections as well as the equipment for its segmentation and subdivision, in the only railway line Larissa – Volos, through the new variant from CH. 49 + 184 until CH. 59 + 677

– the Rizomy Mill traction power 150kv / 25kv / 50Hz power 2Χ15MVA

– the remote control system – remote control of electric drive (SCADA) and its integration in the existing Remote Control Center of Thessaloniki,

– the construction of a modern signaling system with remote control and ETCS baseline 3 (x = 1)

– the construction of structured cabling, to meet telecommunications needs during the operation of the railway line,

– the renovation – arrangement of part of the lines and changes in S. St. Halki, Melias, Kypseli, Armeniou and Velestino,

– the adaptation of buildings in S. St. Halki, Melias, Kypseli, Armeniou, Velestino, Quarry and Volos, for the construction of technical rooms,

– the construction of a new stop for passenger use in the area of the Industrial Area, by CH. 54 + 480 until CH. 54 + 600 of the new variant, for the service of the employees of the industrial area,

– the construction of a twin culvert of dimensions 2 × 5×3 meters in CH. 55 + 422 in replacement of an existing bridge, consisting of a simple metal couple,

– other works related to small-scale multi-mechanical projects, at stations and the open line (drains, continuous ditches, culverts, stepped kennels and the drainage network of the Quarry Station),

– the rehabilitation of the side road network,

– other small-scale works related to E / M installations (eg lighting, dock grounding, etc.) at stations,

– supply of spare parts for signaling – electric – telecommunication systems,

– CE verification of the “infrastructure” subsystem, for the new variant from CH. 49 + 184 (before the entrance of SS Latomio) to CH. 59 + 677 (entrance of Volos SS),

– the CE verification of the “energy” and “control – command and signaling” subsystems for the entire Larissa – Volos line,

– the submission of technical files that will accompany the above verifications, on the basis of which the Railway Regulatory Authority (RAC) will grant the approval for the operation of the relevant subsystems. The contractor is obliged to provide any clarification or additional information requested or to complete the submitted files, if required by the RAS, at no additional cost.

The tasks to be performed are described in more detail in the technical description of the project, and the terms of execution of the project are described in the Special Specifications and other issues.


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