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The importance of big infrastructure projects for the economy

Νίκος Καραγιάννης



Why infrastructure is so important? Why do we put so much weight on infrastructure projects? These 2 questions could pass from the mind of an “unversed” reader of

Following the constructions sector of Greece, from a journalistic scope, is indeed demanding as it requires, among others, persistent and multiple updates from numerous public bodies, in order for us to be in position to give you a reliable and, as much as possible, accurate picture of the latest developments.

In this portal, we are earnest supporters of infrastructure projects, as we believe that they will be the country’s springboard for its economic reinvigoration and development. Moreover, they could even be a solid basis for attracting more investments and trigger policy-making that could accelerate Greece’s recovery.

Greece is making encouraging steps towards this direction but still many changes are needed. It is not easy, but it is not impossible either. It is no coincidence that the world’s developed countries have based their economies on heavy infrastructure. I believe this is the way we should proceed too. By creating important infrastructure and by interconnecting it.

There is an ongoing discourse about who should undertake the construction of those projects though. Big, medium or small companies? The answer would be that large-scale projects would, inevitably, be implemented by our big construction companies that possess the necessary resources and know-how to complete them successfully. And that would be the general idea. On the other hand of course, the market is free, making the game open for every interested contractor, regardless of its size.

Nevertheless, it is an easy, but wrong, accusation, to blame the “bad contractor”, stigmatizing the relevant sector altogether. It is the State’s role to impose clear rules when it comes to public tenders and assigning the projects to the most capable and economically advantageous construction company in a healthily competitive environment.

In any case, it is all about team play. The State should help by promoting new projects, the country’s constructions community by implementing them and, last but not least, the entrepreneurship by finally operating them.

Infrastructure projects are vital for the local economy as they also energize 600 different professions around them. By “killing” the projects, we essentially “kill” a substantial opportunity of our struggling economy to regenerate. In the end of the day, it is not a football game here: we will either all win or all lose this play, according to our choices.



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