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Projects of over 7 bln euros all over Greece are under way at the moment



More than 7 billion euros in projects will be auctioned or have just started at the moment in Greece. Scattered in Implementing Bodies from the Ministry of Infrastructure to Universities, DEYA and others, dozens of projects are either at the beginning or in an advanced phase of tenders. This new generation of projects promises better days across the industry and thousands of new jobs.

The types of projects also vary. From Metro projects and electromechanical systems to building projects, water supply-sewerage projects, railways, they cover almost everything. A total of 45 large projects are included with a cost of over 10 million euros.

Also one of the positives is that we find projects all over Greece, although we must admit that Attica is again the protagonist. However, we see important projects both on the islands and in the other regions of the country.

The emblematic works

Of these 7 billion euros, the scepters holds Line 4 of the Athens Metro with almost 1.8 billion euros and the double tender of BOAK with 1.45 billion euros. Also together with Patras-Pyrgos and the underwater road of Salamis, these are the projects that collect more than half (approximately 4 billion euros) of the above amount.

The very big projects

From there on we have the Flyover in the Thessaloniki Ring Road (462m euros), the northern part of the E65 Trikala-Egnatia (400m euros), the extension of the sixth pier to the OLTH (170m euros), the Kalamata-Pylos-Methoni axis (255 million euros), the student dormitories at the University of Thrace (250 million euros), the student dormitories at the University of Thrace (110 million euros), the student dormitories at the University of Thessaly (110 million euros), the Havria Dam (110 million euros), and the extensions of the natural gas network of DEDA (8 contracts-110 million euros) are in general the projects that surpass the over 100 million euros landmark.

The great works

In the projects between 30 and 100 million euros we find the Research Center of the Academy of Athens (89 million euros), the electric drive in Kiato-Rododafni (83 million euros), the electric drive in the railway section Larissa-Volos (83 million euros) the sewers in Spata-Artemida (86 million euros), Rafina-Pikermi (79 million euros) and in Pallini (71 million euros), the road connection PATHE – Egnatia with the Port of Thessaloniki (74 million euros), the signalization project at the railway station Thessaloniki-Eidomeni (56 million euros), the Megaron HVAC (53 million euros), the preliminary works of Line 4 (48 million euros), the Waste Treatment Plant in Heraklion (48 million euros), the flood protection works on the Erasinos River , the Waste Treatment Unit of Western Thessaly (45 million euros), the new building on the University Campus of Thrace (38 million euros), the Waste Treatment Unit of Western Thessaly (40 million euros).

In the projects between 18 and 40 million euros we have the sewerage in Pikermi-Drafi-Dioni (40 million euros), the Settlement of the Kanapitsa Stream (23 million euros), the Prespa irrigation networks (24 million euros), the Waste Units in Sitia , the flood control projects in Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni, the  sewerage networks in Patras, Chortiatis, Aigialeia, and the connection of Igoumenitsa with the Egnatia Odos etc.



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