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The “geography” of Greece’s new generation infrastructure projects



The domination of motorway construction project has come to an end and a new generation of infrastructure projects has now emerged, spreading around the country.

Attica after many years of relative stagnancy (especially after the Olympic period), has made a tremendous comebac; with 11 major auctions underway, 10 projects to be auctioned soon (21 in total), out of about 75 in these 2 categories. The most important of these are: the new Athens Metro Line 4, the big investment in Elliniko area, Thriassion Plain Logistics Park, Salamina – Perama Underwater Tunnel, the Sepolia Underground Railway Tunnel, Attiki Motorway extensions, construction works for Faliro Bay restoration projects and many more, promising to transform the face of the capital.

Second, in terms of construction works is the Region of Central Macedonia and, more particularly, Thessaloniki with 11 projects. Four of them are in auction while another will be auctioned soon. The most important of these are: Thessaloniki Freight Center, the completion of Interchange 16 (Thessaloniki Ring Road), the extensions of Thessaloniki Metro, the completion of Pier 6 in Thessaloniki Port and the new Children’s Hospital.

The second place is shared with the city of Patra in Western Greece, which has 11 new major projects. Seven major projects are auctioned and four will be auctioned soon. Here, Patra – Pyrgos Motorway, the completion of Amvrakia Motorway, the Waste Treatment Plant in Ilia Prefecture as well as major railway projects from Eghio to Patra dominate. 

In the 4th place, and after decades without major projects, we can see Crete with 8 major projects, 7 in auction and one to be auctioned. The 2 dominant projects are, of course, the New International Airport in Kasteli and Northern Crete’s Motorway Axis (aka VOAK). Equally interesting are the 2 electric interconnections of the island with Peloponnese and Attica as well as the hotel project in Elounda Hill.

In the 5th place we see Thessaly with 6 major projects, 4 in auction and 2 to be auctione. The most important of these are the electrification works of Paleofarsalos – Kalambaka and Larissa – Volos railway sections, the Northern section of E65 Motorway (i.e. Trikala – Egnatia) and Sykeona Bypass.

East Macedonia – Thrace Region is ranked 6th. A region that, traditionally, had not had many projects, is becoming the focus of new projects in the recent years. Three major projects are in auction and 2 other will follow. Auctions concern the Waste Treatment Plant in Alexandroupolis, 2 new buildings at the University of Thrace and, of course, Sea2Sea railway project that is maturing, at this time.

Going further down, in the 7th place, we see the Region of Central Greece with 4 projects, 2 in auction and 2 to be auctioned; the dominant one here is the Southern part of E65 Motorway (Lamia-Xyniada). In the 8th place, we see Peloponnese (3 projects in auction) and Epirus (1 in auction and 2 other maturing). The most important ones here are the electrification projects in Kiato – Rododafni (concerning the Region of Western Greece too) and the Ionian Motorway’s extensio between Ioannina and Kakavia, currently seeking funding.

In the 10th place there is Western Macedonia with 1+1 projects respectivel (most important of which the Northern section of E65 Motorway, also concerning the Region of Thessaly). In the 11th place, the Region of South Aegean with two projects in auction, with the most important being Phase C of the electric interconnection of the Cyclades with the Greek mainland.

North Aegean and the Ionian islands occupy the last two places, without any major projects in auction, at the moment.

All of the above can be found in Large-Scale Projects Directory by clicking here (Greek Version).



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