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The future of the Attica Ring Road concession to be decided in 2022



The tender for the new concession period of Attiki Odos will start in 2022. According to reliable information, even though the competition was originally scheduled to start in 2021, a number of factors are definitively postponing for the next year the competition for the most popular axis in the country.

More specifically, from the side of HRDH, at this time the procedures for the selection of consultants who will “run” the competition are completed. It is to be reminded that the competition concerns Technical, Financial-Financial and Legal Advisor who will mature the framework of the new competition. The relevant competitions ran last December.

However, in order to complete the preparation and to “launch” the new tender, we have a key point and this concerns the study that Hill International is conducting on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

The result that will judge the course of the new competition

What the company has been asked to consider, is -based on the concession contract- first of all whether in 2024 the conditions concerning both profitability, maintenance and consequently the coverage of all the technical and financial parameters that are connected will have been fulfilled in their entirety with provision for fulfillment of specific obligations by the Concessionaire.

From the result that will come out, the timing of the competition will be judged to a large extent. Sources with knowledge on the subject note that nothing should be taken for granted in relation to the current contract and what from time to time have seen the light of day. According to information, the study has just started and the conclusion is expected to be delivered to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport in the summer (officially it has a deadline of 4 months from the signing of the contract).

The tender for the new concession period starts after the expiration of the current contract, which is placed in the Fall of 2024 and has been characterized as the most commercially successful. All the big technical groups will show up in a new “battle” for the golden contract.

The extensions

In Papagou, in the “headquarters” of the Infrastructure and Transport, they are preparing feverishly for the extensions of Attiki Odos. It has been clarified since last autumn that the HRDH will run the tender for the existing axis for the period after 2024 and the Ministry of Infrastructure will be responsible for the extensions.

The 3 extensions that have received the green light are:

-the extension of L. Kymi to the National Road, a project that is planned to be auctioned within 2021.




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