With a double funding, ERGOSE will proceed with the implementation of the large Rio-Neos Limenas Patras railway project, which also includes the Patras Railway Tunnel. The project with which a double line from Rio to the new Port of the city will be operational again, has occupied the local community and all the governments of the country for almost two decades.

According to information, a part of the project is expected to be financed by the new NSRF 2021-2027 through the “Transportation” program, while the rest of the amount, as mentioned by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, from the stage of the Olympia Forum, is estimated to be covered from the new call of the program “Connecting Europe” (CEF II). This means that the project, with the completion of the integration procedures in these two European financial programs, ensures its implementation.

Tender in progress

Let’s remember that the Tender for the Rio-New Port of Patras project has already been underway since the beginning of the year by ERGOSE, with the method of competitive dialogue. The tender is now in Phase B of the relevant process. It includes the Patras Railway Tunnel, one of the largest in the country starting from Kanellopoulou Street and ending at the new Port.

The underground length of the tunnel with the solution proposed to date is estimated at 5.2 kilometers. This means that it will become the third largest railway tunnel in the country, behind the Kallidromou Tunnel (9km) and the Othryos Tunnel (6.4km).

The underground section starts as we said from the “Kastellokampos” stop, from where the Suburban trains will continue making 9 stops to the new port of Patras, while there will also be a transfer for the railway line that connects Patras with Pyrgos. Intercity trains will only stop at the city’s central station.

The stations will be Rio, Kastelokampos, Bozaitika Kanellopoulou, Agyia, Panachaiki, Agios Dionysios, Agios Andreas while we will also have two port stations: Trion Symmachon and Neo Limani.

As is well known, the Municipality of Patras asks to underground the lines from Rio in order to rebuild a larger part of the railway on the surface. In a recent letter sent to the prime minister, it is noted, among other things, that “our reasonable and fair request must be adopted, as it is completely unreasonable for a project that starts today and will co-exist with our city, not to satisfy our modern needs” .

What will be provided with the implementation of the project

With the implementation and operation of the new double line Rio-Neos Limenas Patras, the third largest city will be reconnected after many years with the national railway network. At the same time, its port will also be connected, and potentially the city’s Industrial area, one of the largest in the country.

It is a project that also completes the railway PATHEP of the country, i.e. the main railway network Patras-Athens-Thessaloniki-Idomeni-Promahonas.

At the same time, it is estimated that the express route will take 1 hour and 40 minutes from Athens to the new port of Patras. Intercity passenger traffic, in the first phase, will be, according to previous estimates, over 1,100,000 passengers a year. In a second phase, in 2040, almost 1.5 million passengers.

According to data from 2020, passenger traffic on the suburban train, in the first phase, is estimated to be over 1,900,000 passengers a year. In a second phase, in 2040, over 2,600,000. The long-distance freight operation, in the first phase, will serve three commercial trains per day in each direction on the Corinth-Patra section, while in 2040 it is estimated that we will have four commercial trains per day on the Thriasio-Patra section.


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