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The final Hellinikon project contract to be signed soon so that works begin



Οι νέοι Πύργοι στο Ελληνικό - Φωτό: Lamda Development
Οι νέοι Πύργοι στο Ελληνικό - Φωτό: Lamda Development

The last obstacles that delay the transfer of ELLINIKON SA after the decision of Lamda to  not wait for the completion of the last steps of approvals and to proceed to the completion of the transaction are bypassed.

According to what has been published, it has been decided to lift the last deferral condition regarding the previous issuance of the casino license and the signing of the contract with the Inspire Athens consortium (GEK TERNA-Mohegan) in order to complete the multi-year process.

The event was also announced by the Minister of Development and Investment Adonis Georgiadis, during his speech at the 10th Greek Investment Forum in New York organized by HELEX, saying that within the next ten days the financial agreement for Hellinikon between the public and Lamda Development is expected to be signed.

The last of the pending issues

It is reminded that after the ratification of the contract for the transfer of real rights to the Metropolitan Pole of Elliniko from the HRDH to Elliniko SA, the only ones that were pending for the completion of the process, concerned the issuance of the decision of the SC for last appeal, the approval of the Court of Auditors on the contract with the consortium Inspire Athens (GEK TERNA-Mohegan), and the issuance of a casino license by the Ministry of Finance.

After the signing of the transfer of the shares of ELLINIKON SA to the investment scheme, will follow the payment of the amount corresponding to the first installment of 915 million euros which is equal to 300 million euros.

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