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The emerging generation of new projects in Greece



A whole new generation of projects is about to be tendered starting from this year until 2020. It is a new generation of projects characterized by diversity while roadworks do not longer dominate. has gathered all major projects, many of which are widely advertised such as Athens Metro Line 4 whereas others not so much, such as Chalkida Road Detour.

What is evident in the following list though is that rail projects are gaining ground and are expected to be in the spotlight as far as the forseeable future is concerned.

Take a look of the emerging generation of new projects below:

Athens Metro Line 4: The famous new metro line of Athens that will be starting from the Veikou Grove and through the historical center, will be ending to Goudi area. Its tender started just a few days ago and its construction will probably commence in 2019. The budget of the project will reach a stuggering 1.4bn euros, making it the largest independent Metro project ever in Greece.

Tram trains’ procurement: It concerns the supply of 25 trains with an approximate cost of 65mn euros.

Tram network extension to Keratsini-Perama: It concerns the latest extension of Attiko Metro’s, Tram network. The project is at an early stage and we do not expect the tender to take place before 2019. Cost estimated at 180mn euros.

Railway-Completion of Kiato-Patras corridor upgrade works: Consisting of 4 contracts: The first concerns electrification works in Kiato-Aeghio section and will be tendered this year for 65mn euros. The second concerns electrification and superstructure works for Aeghio-Psathopyrgos section and will be tendered in the end of 2018 for 40mn euros.

The third one concerns electrification and superstructure upgrade works in Psathopyrgos-Rio section for 35mn euros and will be tendered in 2019. Finally, the fourth contract concerns infrastructure-superstructure and electrification works in Rio-Ag. Dionysios Patras section, with the auction being expected sometime in 2019 (provided that the municipal authorities reach an agreement with the implementing entity).

Railway-Electrification works in Thessaly: Consisting of 2 contracts: The first one is for Larissa-Volos section for 54mn euros and the second  one for Paleoparsalos-Kalampaka section for 42mn euros.

Railway-Completion of Athens-Thessaloniki-Promachonas corridor upgrade works: Split in 3 separate tenders: The first one will take place this year and concerns the completion of Athens Central Railway Station facilities whereas the second one, infrastructure upgrades for SKA-Oinoi section and is expected to be held in 2019. During the same year, we also expect electrification works for the Thessaloniki-Serres-Promachon section.

Thessaloniki Metro electromechanical equipment and telematics supply for Kalamaria branch: The tender is expected to come out in 2018 and concerns trains’ procurement and electromechanical equipment for Kalamaria branch. The cost is expected to exceed the amount of 150mn euros.

New Piraeus Cruise Port: A project that is expected to be tendered in 2019 by Cosco. The cost reaches 120mn euros.

Crete-Mainland electric interconnection: It is quite possible for the project to be tendered in 2018. The cost reaches 200mn euros and concerns the connection of Laconia and Crete with an underwater electric cable.

E65 Northern Section (Trikala-Egnatia Motorway): A project that is still seeking funds from EIB. Once necessary funds are found, there will be no tendering but direct assignment to the road constructor, probably in 2018.

Athens new intercity buses terminal: The project is in the process of seeking funding from EIB. If all goes as planned, tendering will be held by the beginning of 2018. The overall cost is estimated at 120mn euros.

Amvrakia Motorway: An almost complete motorway (except for 15 km between Aktio and Vonitsa) with the relevant tender expected to come out in 2017. Cost at 165mn euros.

Natural gas extension in mainland Greece: Yet another ambitious project seeking funding. Nevertheless, several tenders will take place, for the network’s extension in Central Greece, Thessaly and Central Macedonia. Cost estimated at 200mn euros.

Lipasmata area redevelopment in Piraeus: The architectural study has been completed.  If everything goes well, tender will be held in 2018. Cost is still unknown for the time being.

Chalkida Road Detour: A project that is in the waiting list for NSRF funding, with the relevant tender expected to come out, around 2019. Cost at 180mn euros.

Northern Crete Motorway (aka VOAK): It concerns the conversion of the existing network into a covered motorway. Another 600mn euros are sought for Chania-Heraklion section by EIB along with a viable repayment model. Tendering is not expected before the end of 2018.

Lefkada island double road connection: The project is considered to be “mature” and is expected to be tendered till Autumn at a cost of 42mn euros.



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