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The electrification of the double railway line Kiato-Aigio will be re-auctioned soon




The project of electrification of the double railway line Kiato-Aigio enters a re-auction trajectory. For the contract, the first step was taken by ERGOSE, which is the commitment of the amount with VAT 83.97 million euros (amount without VAT 67.05 million euros) so that the auction of the project can run again.

The project is entitled “Construction of an electric drive system and anti-noise sound barriers in the Kiato-Rododafni section”. The amounts committed per year are 8.5 million euros for 2022, from 30 million for 2023 and 2024 and 15.47 million euros for 2025.

The announcement of the competition is estimated to be released in the near future. Remember that in 2018 the specific project was aired but finally the competition was canceled, as revealed by, ignominiously, due to problems of the participants in it.

The project

The electric drive in the Kiato-Aigio section will complete the new double line which operates from the summer of 2020. With the completion of the projects in 2025, the modern electric trains will be able to move in double lines with speeds that reach in sections up to 200 km / h.

The duration of the contract for the completion of the necessary projects is 30 months. The project also includes a period of 36 months of maintenance of the electric drive after the completion of the constructions.

The projects are 70.6 km long and with the operation of electric propulsion the trains will be able to develop speeds of up to 200 km / h. At the same time, telecommunication systems of passenger information are included, system of announcements, emergency calls and intercom, closed circuit television, plantings, installation of anti-noise curtains in localized places.

The works to get the train to Patras

In addition to the Kiato-Aigio electrification project, the project for the completion and commissioning of the Aigio-Rio line that will bring the train to the door of Patras will be put up for auction in the coming weeks.

The project with a cost of 179 million euros includes the lines, electricity-signaling-remote control and ETCS but also the construction of new stations.

At the same time, the start of the competition is planned for, of course, the much-discussed section from Rio to the city (Agios Dionysios) and the new port of Patras (Agios Andreas).

The projects are part of the Ministry of Infrastructure’s announcement to promote 4 billion euro projects that will upgrade the railway network, connect ports and industrial areas with it and contribute to the country’s effort to become an international transport hub.

A total of 4 projects financed by the NSRF will be auctioned by ERGOSE. They are:

-Electricity in the Kiato-Aigio section

-Completion of N.D.S.G.Y.T. Aigio-Rio

-Electric drive Paleofarsalos-Kalampaka

-B` phase of upgrade works of Athens Central Station.

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