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The development of Aktio-Amvrakia highway speeds up




Ιόνια Οδός

Another step forward for the contract that will complete the Aktio-Amvrakia highway. According to information from, yesterday the contract between the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and Mytilineos was sent to the Court of Auditors.

If there are no suggestions for changes that will delay its approval, the contract will then go to Parliament to be presented, as it is done in all major projects. According to the same sources, the absolute goal is to sign the construction contract by the end of the year.

The competition, which has been successfully concluded for 26 months, has gone through many legal battles and has one more. The application for annulment submitted to the CoC by the AKTOR-TERNA consortium will be heard in December but affects neither the development nor the completion of the tender.

Mytilineos, the contractor, will be tested at a project of high demands, where in addition to the required skill, there is also a great deal of time pressure.

The project that the contractor undertakes with a discount rate of 39.63%, must be completed within the current NSRF as it is a phasing project, ie it has already been funded by the previous NSRF 2007-2013.

The project

The contract that completes the conversion of the axis Aktio-Amvrakia, into a safe closed two-lane highway, has ten years of history behind it and only 15 of the total 48.5km in traffic. Today the Aktio-Vonitsa section is operational.

The duration of the project has been set at 30 months, but within 15 months from the start of the project, the famous Amfilochia bypass, which concerns an 18-kilometer subdivision, must be completed. The Aktio-Amvrakia highway, 48.5 km long, has the characteristics of a closed highway with 2 + 2 lanes per traffic stream and uneven junctions and with its operation is expected to increase the levels of safety on a road that every year we mourn the loss of many lives.

The cost is 150 million euros (amount with VAT, amount without VAT 120,967,741.94 euros). In addition, there is an amount of 10.5 million euros (amount with VAT, amount without VAT of 8,467,741.94 euros) for optional projects and will concern the execution of works for the direct connection of the end of the road axis “Aktio – Amvrakia”, with the “Ionian Road” section from ΧΘ 48 + 497 to ΧΘ 48 + 940 at the uneven junction of Rivi. The option can be exercised at any time within two years from the conclusion of the Contract.




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