It seems that an important project for the island of Corfu, which will provide valuable solutions in terms of waste management, is in the final stretch.

More specifically, the tender for the project “Construction of a municipal solid waste (MSW) processing unit in Corfu” was published.

The closing date for submission of interest is November 30, 2022, while the tenders will be unsealed on December 7, 2022. The Contracting Authority is the Regional Solid Waste Management Agency of the Ionian Islands (FODSA of the Ionian Islands S.A.).

The total budget of the project can even reach 64.6 million euros (80 million value with VAT), as there is an option amounting to 30 million euros (without VAT) on the part of the Contracting Authority. The contract without the application of the option reaches 34 million euros (42.1 million value including VAT).

The Project’s ID

The total term of execution of the contract is set at a maximum of 96 months (8 years) from the day of signing the contract, of which the first 18 months concern the construction of the project, its commissioning and the supply of the mobile equipment. The next 6 months in trial mode and the next 72 months (6 years) in normal mode.

The Solid Waste Management Organization of the Ionian Islands reserves the right to unilaterally modify the contract in the part that concerns the operation for an additional period of up to six years (right of option).

The project has been included in the Operational Program Transport Infrastructure, Environment and Sustainable Development (YMEPERAA). Also, funding will come from the European Regional Development Fund by 80%, from Own Resources and from credits from the Public Investment Program of the Ministry of Environment and Energy.


The project includes the construction of a Solid Waste Treatment Unit, with a total capacity of 35,000 tons of Municipal Mixed Waste (MSW) per year. It includes all the necessary infrastructure and the supply of mobile equipment. In addition, because it is necessary to promote systems for the treatment of organic waste, with separate collection of organic waste from mass focus points or households (kitchen organics) as well as other organic waste (green etc.), inside the stadium will be built and Preselected Organic Fraction Processing Unit with a capacity of 12,500 tons per year.

It also includes the preparation of the application study, the supply of mobile equipment and the trial operation of the project for 6 months. The scope of the contract also includes the normal operation of the infrastructure for six years.

The option will be financed by the NSRF 2021-2027. The right provides for construction works to convert the unit into a recycling recovery unit, in accordance with the National Plan. The unit will process blue bin and clean materials, with a landfill rate of less than 20% (compared to the 45% envisaged by the previous project). Consequently, there will be a smaller burial fee, which the Municipalities pay.


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