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The current status of 23 major NSRF-funded infrastructure projects in Greece



Major projects funded by NSRF 2014-2020 period include a significant range of infrastructure works that will contribute to the country’s development effort. A total of 23 infrastructure projects, costing approximately 5.2bn euros, was the initial “package” of NSRF’s 2014-2020 Programming Period, having secured funds accounting to 140%.

Today, is giving you an update about the progress of these projects. In detail:

– New railway line for the section Rio-Patra – Tender is expected to come out by the end of 2018

– New double track for the section Rododafni-Rio, part of Athens Acharnai RC-Patra railway line (superstructure, electrification and signaling systems’ installation) – Tenders for all necessary works for the completion of the line are expected in 2018 and 2019.

– Electrification of the existing railway line of Thessaloniki-Promachonas and small-scale targeted upgrades(infrastructure and superstructure works) – Estimated tender date: 2020

– PAThE/P railway line upgrade: Acharnai RC-Oinoi (without Acharnai RC connection) – The project is expected to begin between 2019 and 2020.

– Patra-Pyrgos Motorway – The pre-contractual period is underway. Construction works to begin in late 2018, at best.

– Chalkida Road Detour – A mature project whose implementation is expected to be acceleretated as negotiations with EIB are in progress.

– Completion of the road connection between Aktio and the Western Axis of North-South (Aktio-Amvrakia PHASING Project – Under construction with new bids pending) – “Sweep contract” has been revived with AKTOR-TERNA J/V being the underbidder of the recent tender. Estimated completion date: 2021

– E65 Motorway’s, Lamia-Ksiniada section (It will be managed by Kentriki Odos SA concession company) – Tender is expected to come out in Fall 2018.

– Thessaloniki Metro Main Line: Project completion and trains’ procurement / Stage B (PHASING Project – Under construction) – Completion date: November 2020

– Thessaloniki Metro extension to Kalamaria: Construction and trains’ procurement / Stage B (PHASING project-Under construction) – Completion date: 2021

– Athens Metro Line 3: Extension to Piraeus and trains’ procurement / Stage B (PHASING Project – Under construction) – Completion dates: 2019 (first 3 stations) and 2021 (last 3 stations)

– Athens Metro Line 4: Veikou Grove-Goudi section – Tendering process to be completed in 2019

– Arrangement of Eschatia stream – Under construction

– Waste Treatment Plants in Peloponnisos Region – Construction stage to begin shortly

– Sewage and drainage networks construction in Marathonas municipality – To be tendered

– Sewage and drainage works in Rafina and Artemida – To be tendered

– Waste Treatment Unit in Thessaloniki’s Southeastern District – Completion date: 2020

– Waste Treatment Plant in Ano Liosia – (To be re-designed and tendered accordingly)

– Waste Treatment Plant in Fyli (To be re-designed and tendered accordingly)

– Chavrias Dam – Project studies are underway



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