HRADF has undertaken projects to mature some very important and much-discussed projects under the Project Maturation Unit. A total of 5 billion euros of strategically important projects are to be implemented with the help of the Fund in the coming years.

The role of the Unit is to accelerate the maturation of projects on behalf of other implementing bodies, the optimal use of resources and the transparency of processes. As a result, the reduced bureaucracy and the burden on ministries as well as the efficiency of the tendering process of the projects are appreciated.

But what are these projects? and what do they have to offer the Greek economy? Today we will get to know more closely some of the most important that exist in the portfolio of this Unit.

New Industrial Parks

With a cost of 100 million euros, it concerns:
either the establishment of new industrial park facilities of a new type, or the expansion of existing industrial parks in order for them to meet the needs required by the adaptation to the strategy of the modern Industry 4.0 industry, or the transformation of informal industrial concentrations into technologically intelligent, environmentally sustainable and innovative industrial parks. Completion of the operation is estimated for 2025.

Construction of the Athens Court of First Instance and Prosecutor’s Office building

This is a project costing 81.84 million euros, which concerns the design and construction of new building facilities for the Court of First Instance and the Prosecutor’s Office of Athens. The auction is expected shortly.

Renovation of OAKA

It is a project of 34.63 million euros. It concerns the maintenance and upgrading of the OAKA, which also includes energy upgrading. The purpose is to transform OAKA into a profitable center that becomes a sports center as well as a recreation area. Construction is expected to be completed in mid-2024.

Gonou Commodities Center

This is a relatively small project of 1.29 million euros. It concerns the development of a new commodities center on a 672-acre property. The freight center will be a mixed-use logistics, production and free trade zone. The contracting authority is GAIAOSE. The construction period is estimated to start in 2024 and operation in late 2025.

Energy – efficient upgrade of 80 hospitals

It is a project costing 314.96 million euros for the expansion, modernization and energy – efficient upgrade of 80 hospitals that will strengthen the national health system. The contract is expected towards the end of 2023 and the completion of the action at the end of 2025.

Reform of the primary health system

This project, worth 246.82 million euros, concerns the renovation and the functional and energy efficient upgrade of the primary health system. About 50% of the country’s health centers will be upgraded (about 156 out of a total of 312). The contract is estimated to be signed in late 2023 and completed in late 2025.

Unification of the Athenian Riviera

This action costing 24.71 million euros aims to highlight the Athenian Riviera from Kallithea to Voula, i.e. in a 14 kilometer corridor. The tender is expected and the contract is estimated to be signed in mid-2023. Completion is believed to be signed in late 2025.

Creation-Expansion-Upgrading of Research Centers

This program is worth 388.58 million euros and concerns the creation, expansion and upgrading of research centers in Greece. to enhance the possibility of research actions. The contract is estimated to be signed in the first half of 2023 and completed by the end of 2025.


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