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The Halkida Detour project to resume – A new tender for technical advisor is underway



The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport is hiring a Technical Advisor to assist in the preparation and conduct of the major road project of the Chalkida Detour. A total of 4 companies in the sector were invited to a relevant tender that is starting: ADT OMEGA, OBERMEYER HELLAS, DOMI and GTB ANODOS.

In order to complete the maturation of the project for its auction, it is necessary to carry out additional studies that include:

a) the execution of necessary additional geotechnical surveys,

b) the preparation of the necessary additional studies (static, geotechnical, topographic, transport and hydraulic) as well as

c) the drafting of the completion of the Tender Documents, including the section: “Connection of North-South Evia”.

The ministry is studying the best solution for the promotion and implementation of the project and, among other things, the solution of the PPP project is being examined, or inclusion in the NSRF 2021-2027. It should be recalled that this is one of the projects that did not receive funding from the Recovery Fund.

The Chalkida Bypass project has been characterized by market participants as a difficult project financially as it does not meet the requirements of the European Commission regarding the required flows. Therefore, all the parameters are thoroughly examined in order to find the golden section and to succeed in the project.

For the residents of Chalkida and Evia, the Chalkida Bypass is a critical project that will significantly reduce distances and help upgrade road safety. The effort to implement it dates back to the 2000s, after the Athens Olympic Games, but never reached the point of being implemented.

What is to be built

The bypass of Chalkida, which is an obvious continuation -expansion of the Schimatari-Chalkida highway, will connect the North with the South Axis of Evia, bypassing the city of Chalkida to the east. In this way, decongestion of the urban fabric of Chalkida and N. Artaki will be achieved, while it is expected to have a decisive contribution to the tourist and economic development of the entire region.

According to the available information, the cost of the project is estimated at 200 million euros (amount including VAT) which is analyzed as follows: N. Lampsakos-Psachna 165 million euros, Bypass Psachna 10 million euros. An additional 30 million euros is also provided for expropriations.

The length of the project is 25.6km of which the Psachnon Bypass is 4.6km (it ends on the Psachnon-Istiaia road). As an option in the project and not in its main object, the section of Evrypou-Nea Lampsakos Bridge with a length of about 5 km will be included. and costs about 25 million euros.




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