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The biggest road projects in the revised NSRF 2014 – 2020



This week’s special of for major projects of NSRF 2014-2020, continues. Following the list of railway projects, today we will examine road projects, among which Patra-Pyrgos and Lamia-Xyniada motorways. One observation we can make is that beyond Chalkis Bypass, that is expected, all other projects are either at an advanced tendering stage or are under construction.

These are:

1. Completion of Patra-Pyrgos motorway (extension of Olympia Motorway to the Southwest)

2. E65 Motorway, Lamia-Ksyniada section

3. Amvrakia Motorway (Ionian Motorway’s branch)

4. Completion of the last section on Egnatia Motorway’s Siatista-Ieropigi-Kristalopigi vertical axis

5-6. Completion of pending projects from NSRF 2007-2013 Programming Period, in the Regions of Central Greece and Central Macedonia

7. Chalkis Bypass

8. Connection of Thessaloniki Port Pier VI to the motorway network (Egnatia Motorway)


9-10. Upgrading of Crete’s VOAK motorway: section Gournes-Hersonissos and upgrading of the rest of the axis in sections

11. Construction/upgrading of the Sigri-Kalloni road axis in Lesvos island

12. Road connection of Egnatia Motorway with Alexandroupolis Port


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