The Greek PM, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, had a teleconference with the ‘BIG 5’ of the constructions sector yesterday, as it was announced.

Τhe Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Mr. Kostas Karamanlis, the Secretary General of Infrastructure, Mr. George Karagiannis, the CEO of Ellaktor, Mr. Anastasios Kallitsantsis, the CEO of GEK TERNA, Mr. George Peristeris, the CEO of Mytilineos, Mr. Evangelos Mytilineos, the CEO of AVAX, Mr. Kostas Mitzalis, the CEO of INTRAKAT, Mr. Petros Souretis, the Chairman of TEE, Mr. George Stasinos participated in this online meeting which was also attended by Professor Sotiris Tsiodras.

The conference focused on the restart of the Greek economy in the next day after the pandemic and the contribution of infrastructure as one of its driving forces.

The Prime Minister requested information about the problems the industry is facing and called for the co-operation of the major technical companies so that the constructions sector can contribute and stimulate the economy.

He also called for proposals regarding the improvement of the institutional framework aiming to boost the production of new public works and speed up the procedures. He also noted that innovation proposals will move forward.

For his part, the Minister of Infrastructure stated that there will be a radical adjustments of L.4412/2016. He also revealed that the flood control works on the motorways that will reach 500m euros are in the final stage, while new projects will run in the near future.

He noted that the previous government did not leave mature projects, while he is investigating additional projects along with the extension of the concession agreements, always in consultation with the European Commission.

Finally, he noted that the construction sites were left open in order to support the economy, but under very strict conditions including the acceleration of payments of works that have been carried out, while there is cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Energy to accelerate environmental licensing.

The heads of the country’s technical ‘giants’, according to information, took a stand on the issues that concern the industry. It was commented that if there were more projects, then there would not be so many objections, that the advance payments should be abolished as they are gateways for companies without the capacity to complete certain projects. They also underlined that 50% of the cost of an infrastructure project returns to the economy within a short time from its initiation.

It was also said that there are 3 categories of projects that can be accelerated and implemented: the mature projects, the supplementary projects in the concessions and projects that today are stagnant by various contracting authorities but are ready to be auctioned.

The companies were in favor of PPP projects as well as innovation proposals, while Greek banks were also asked to increase their liquidity.


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