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The 6 goals of the Greek Infrastructure Action Plan for 2021



The year for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport is moving forward with great goals as it aims to improve the situation in the construction sector. Many of the projects on the agenda have been included in this year’s targets set by the ministry in the “Annual Action Plan 2021”.

This Action Plan, as approved by the Council of Ministers, is a structural element of the Consolidated Government Policy Plan.

It presents, in a homogeneous and concise way, the following objectives of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. Also included are the key measurable expected results from the achievement of these objectives, the actions for their implementation, as well as the emblematic projects related to these actions.

Karamanlis: We work to create reliable and high-quality infrastructure

As stressed by the Minister of Infrastructure & Transport, Mr. K. Karamanlis, the political leadership of the Ministry, together with its staff, have worked and are working towards the timely and quality implementation of the Action Plans have been set, thus contributing to the recovery of the country and the creation of reliable, safe and high standards of infrastructure, but also transport services, of significant added value, always focusing on the service of the citizen.

According to this and to the general government planning, the general objectives were set are as follows:

-Improving the quality of infrastructure design
-Reduction of the environmental footprint in transport
-The reform of the transportations and the transition to new forms of mobility
-The modernization of aviation
-Improving traffic safety and road safety
-The improvement of the procedures of the ministry through their simplification or even their digitization.


The works of 2021

The railways include the reorganization and maintenance of the OSE network, OSE-ERGOSE cooperation for the Rio, Patras, Pyrgos section and the completion of the Patras-Athens – Thessaloniki – Eidomeni – Promachonas (PATHEP) railway system.

In the major infrastructure projects: Progress of implementation of the emblematic projects, such as Concession Contracts (E65 / Trikala-Egnatia), the upgrade of the internal Thes / kis Regional Ring Road, the submarine link Perama-Salamina, the major road axes (North Axis (North) ΒΟΑΚ), Patra-Pyrgos).

In the Metro projects: Start of construction of line 4 of Athens Metro (Veikos-Goudi Grove), Extension of line 3 to Piraeus, construction of main line of Thessaloniki Metro, extension of line to Kalamaria.

At the same time, tenders for the E / Ms in the Kalamaria extension will be contracted and the project of 15 additional trains will be auctioned.

The importance of the railroad

For the railway, more specifically, it is mentioned that the restructuring of OSE-ERGOSE is proceeding with a new contract, inter-company administration (Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport -OSE-ERGOSE), establishment of an inter-company business planning committee, establishment of an inter-company acceptance committee.

Among the plans of the Ministry for the railway are the specialization of the Strategic Transport Plan for the railway, the management of the rolling stock of GAIAOSE SA, the optimization of the efficiency of the cooperation with TRAINOSE SA. and the completion of the study and the OSE – ERGOSE issues for the Thessaloniki – Amfipoli section.


Institutional, regulatory and organizational framework for the railway is also being prepared. This action will contribute to the completion of the legislative interventions, the adjustment of the purposes of the Companies, Authorities and Committees with the Amendment of the current legal framework-OSE, the adjustment of the objectives of OSE, ERGOSE, GAIAOSE, Railway Regulatory Authority (RAS), and the settlement of Infrastructure and other real estate boundaries.

The railway projects

This year, the big project for the reorganization and maintenance of the network will mature and will join one of the available co-financed programs.

For the Rio-Patras project, the study of analysis of alternative solutions will proceed and the proposal for the arrival of the train will be finalized. The final study, tender documents, project inclusion will be made, and the announcement will be prepared. At the same time, the projects in the Kiato-Aigio (electrification) and Aigio-Rio (completion and commissioning) sections will proceed.

At the same time, the completion of the 717 contract (relocation of signaling Athens-Thessaloniki-Promachonas) and relocation of signaling in Thessaloniki-Eidomeni is foreseen.


VOAK will proceed at the issuance of environmental conditions, the second phase of the project for the sections Kissamos-Chania-Hersonissos (concession) and Hersonissos-Neapoli (PPP) will begin. At the same time, an auction is planned as a public project for Napoli-Agios Nikolaos.

The project of Aktio-Amvrakia is progressing and the start of the projects is also planned in Patras-Pyrgos. We will have the start of projects until the summer for the northern part of E65, Trikala-Egnatia. In the second phase, the tender for the underwater connection of Salamis will proceed after the environmental conditions are approved.



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