In yet another important step for the implementation of the flagship railway projects of the Competitive Dialogue, which will strengthen the interoperability of the country’s railway network, ERGOSE proceeded by approving the tender documents for the 6+1 specialized technical consultants costing 250.9 million VAT. euros (without VAT 202,351,980 euros).

In particular, by decision of the Board of Directors of ERGOSE, the open process of selecting 6 Technical Consultants for the projects of the Competitive Dialogue, as well as 1 Technical Consultant for the existing one and new contracts that are auctioned through the tender process, has started.

At the same time, the Board of Directors of ERGOSE approved last Friday the minutes of the six projects of the Competitive Dialogue, according to which all the pre-selected ones of the first competitive phase meet the required conditions and criteria for their participation in the Dialogue.

Specifically, the declarations of an open process for the selection of Contractors regarding the awarding of Contracts for the provision of support services:

– for the implementation of the six projects of the Competitive dialogue

– for the completion of ongoing co-financed projects and the implementation of new projects

The object of the contracts

The scope of the Technical Consultants includes the support of the Contracting Entity during the supervision of the constructions, the support and assistance in the control and drafting of the studies, in order to achieve the corporate objectives of ERGOSE, in terms of construction time, cost, quality and job security.

The services of the Technical Consultants that will enhance the ability to implement the projects, include:

Monitoring of the project according to the requirements of ERGOSE

Checking the studies and investigations of the Contractor of the project

Checking the compliance of studies and constructions with the applicable specifications

Implementation control of the study design

Checking of suppliers and embedded materials according to certification requirements and specifications

Assist in resolving issues that arise during project execution

Monitoring the time progress, quality and cost of the project

Project cost management

Assisting ERGOSE in completing the project within schedule and within budget.

With the completion of these six key projects, the upgrading of the main railway axis of the country will be achieved, with the main features being the improvement of safety, the increase of reliability of the railway and consequently the attraction of a larger transport project, in relation to road means. The interconnection of the main ports of the country with the main railway axis will also be achieved and the cross-border railway connection with the rest of south-eastern Europe will be strengthened.

It is noted that the criterion for awarding the contract is the “most financially advantageous offer” based on the best value for money. The selection of the Contractor will be made in accordance with the “open procedure” of article 264 of Law 4412/2016 and under the conditions of this law.

The President and CEO of ERGOSE, Mr. Christos Vinis, noted: “The selection of Technical Consultants is extremely important, as they will support the experienced executive staff of ERGOSE, strengthening the ability to implement projects. We are proceeding with all the necessary procedures in a timely manner, so that the timetables we have set for the modernization of the Greek railways are met.”


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