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Tender for a new game-changing road project in Western Attica coming up soon



Δρόμος, οδικά έργα
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One of the projects we will see going on tender in the near future, most likely in early 2023 is the triple junction at Skaramanga. Currently, the approval of the Environmental Study and the drafting of the tender documents are being completed. The financing of this large road project will be covered according to information from the NSRF 2021-2027 through the PEP Attica.

The cost of the project is over 60 million euros. After the completion of the studies, the current cost of the project will be finalized and updated, especially with the large increases in materials and energy. The project had literally been stuck for years as it had remained in the drawers of the Attica Region’s office for about five years.

Finally it was decided to return the project to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and since then there has been a race to enable the project to enter a process of implementation. In a recent interview, the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Giorgos Karagiannis, noted that it is one of the projects that will be tendered in the near future.

This project together with Ioannina-Kakavia, Thessaloniki-Edessa and Amfipoli-Drama constitute the new project package of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. In the previous package, the Chalkida bypass, Neapoli-Agios Nikolaos of VOAK, Bralos-Amfissa and the extension of Kymi Avenue were tendered.

The project that changes Western Attica

This is a breath-taking project for Western Attica. With the construction of the triple interchange, there will be a direct connection of the National Road with Schistos Avenue, the semi-opened at its southern end, Ring Road Egaleo, will be connected, while the opened “ghost” Tunnels at the turn to Skaramanga will also be completed and operational and before Lake Koumoundourou.

At the same time, the situation of the two unfinished tunnels will be examined. They are part of the contract and their current status should be thoroughly investigated. Furthermore, there will be a junction that will directly connect the Skaramangas Shipyards with Athinon Avenue.

With its completion and operation, the daily traffic flow from Athens to the industrial center of Aspropyrgos and Olympia Odos and to Schistos and the port of Piraeus will be significantly improved. This, as the increase in lanes on Athinon Avenue is planned and will help to improve its operation, as it currently presents a significant degree of congestion.


It will also help in the orderly operation of the commercial port in Piraeus and specifically in the road transport of containers. With the routing of the triple junction and the completion of the projects being carried out in Iconium, the handling of containers will be done with greater ease and comfort.

Among other things, Piraeus and its suburbs will also benefit as the upgraded junctions will allow the rapid passage of vehicles from the area of ​​Skaramangas to Piraeus and neighboring municipalities in significantly reduced times compared to today, especially during peak hours.

In the future plans for the road network of the area, the widening of Athinon Avenue is planned in the section from Chaidari to Aspropyrgos, which currently operates with two lanes and obviously cannot serve the daily volume of vehicles. A study is being prepared for the project by the Ministry of Infrastructure and funds will be sought for its future implementation.

What does the project include?

The project “Connection of the Western Regional Avenue of Aigaleo with the National Road of Athens – Corinth and completion of the Skaramangas Junction” includes:

-Completion of the Western Regional Avenue of Egaleo in the last section of its length of 1.4 km up to N.R. of Athens – Corinth with the construction of the uneven semi-interchange junction of Skaramangas.

-Upgrading of the existing Uneven Junction of Schistos with the construction of one more elevated branch with a new bridge over the Athens-Corinth National Road.

-Upgrading of the N.R. Athens – Corinth in the section between the Skaramangas Highway and the Schistos Highway with an increase and reconfiguration of the traffic lanes.

-Construction of the new Shipyards Junction on Schistos Avenue upstream of the Skaramangas Shipyards which is necessary for the removal of the level signalized junction at the intersection with Schistos Avenue and the Skaramangas Naval Fort as well as the completion of the required traffic requirements of the area’s road network. Within the framework of the construction of the above-mentioned Uneven Interchange and the upgrading of the Schistos junction, a remodeling of Schistos Avenue is planned in the section between these two junctions.


-Construction of the required network of rain collectors in the area which is included and serves the above road projects.

-Relocation/protection works of I.P.U. networks. (Natural Gas, Hellenic Petroleum, EYDAP etc.).



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