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Tender for one of Greece’s largest waste management PPP projects moves ahead



Φωτογραφία Αρχείου-Πηγή: Canva
Πηγή: Canva

Two days ago, the second phase (B.I) of the competitive dialogue for the large PPP project concerning the construction of a  waste-processing unit, in the western part of Central Macedonia, was completed.

The next step is the approval of the protocol for the completion of phase B by the Region of Central Macedonia and the indication of a date (phase B.II) to those interested in submitting binding offers. So far, INTRAKAT, MYTILINEOS S.A. and the consortiums TERNA ENERGY – TITAN, MORE (Motor Oil) – AVAX – THALIS and HELEKTOR S.A.– AKTOR proceed in the tender.

This is one of the largest projects related to waste management. The contract has a budget of 200 million euros. The Contracting Authority is the Regional Association of Solid Waste Management Agencies (FΟDSA) of Central Macedonia.

The dialogue phase includes the process of exchanging views, submitting proposals and comments on the technical, financial and legal aspects of the Partnership

According to the minutes of the committee, the main purpose of the dialogue was fulfilled, such as the investigation of the main aspects of the project (technical, financial and legal) between the Contracting Authority and the Defaulters. In addition, the most complete possible information of the latter on the project data was achieved, in order to identify the best possible solutions and means for the implementation of the project. Finally, participation of the Defaulters in the process is considered active and creative.


Project ID

The capacity of the WMU concerns an estimated total annual amount of waste to be managed of 300,800 tons (mixed waste, separately collected bio-waste and processing residues). In any case the annual quantity will be further determined through the competitive dialogue and with the then updated data.

The individual infrastructures that will be included in the facilities of the Waste Treatment Unit (WTU) of the Western Sector of Central Macedonia are indicative:

(i) Mixed MSW Processing Unit with a capacity of 262,700 t/year

(ii) Pre-selected bio-waste treatment unit with a capacity of 38,100 t/year.

The project is planned to serve 10 Municipalities of the Regional Unit of Thessaloniki, which constitute 64% of the mixed waste produced by the Region of Thessaloniki. In detail, the project will cover the Municipality of Ampelokipi – Menemeni, Volvi, Delta, Thessaloniki (part of the Municipality by 60%), Kordelio – Evosmos, Lagada, Neapolis – Sykeon, Pavlou Mela, Chalkidon, Oreokastro, the Municipalities of the prefectures of Pieria, Imathia, Pella and the Municipality of Paionia from the prefecture of Kilkis.


With regard to bio-waste, the Unit will process bio-waste after sorting at the source of the Municipalities of Delta, Chalkidona and city section of Kallithea and the Municipality of Oraiokastro (2nd BWTU West Sector of the Regional Unit of Thessaloniki) and the Municipalities of Kordelio – Evosmos, Ampelokipi – Menemeni, Neapoli – Sykeon, of the city section of Oriokastro of the Municipality of Oriokastro and 35% of the population of the Municipality of Thessaloniki (3rd BWTU of the Western Sector of the RU of Thessaloniki).


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