The ambitious project for the construction through PPP of 13 school units in Rhodes was put out to tender. Through this project, Rhodes will acquire 5 new kindergartens, 3 Primary Schools, 4 Middle-High Schools and 2 Gymnasiums. The Contracting Authority is the Municipality of Rhodes.

The cost of the project including VAT amounts to 55.92 million euros (amount without VAT 45.1 million euros). The call for showing interest is until July 26 after a short extension (it was originally for July 19).

Model schools in operation

The duration of the project is 324 months, of which the first 24 relate to the construction period of the school units. As in the corresponding case of the schools in Attica, the PPP schools essentially operate as private ones as there is regular guarding, cleaning and maintenance for the entire duration of the partnership.

Regarding the project, it is expected with great interest to see the response of the companies. In the second phase of the tender, a maximum of six schemes can participate as a maximum number of interested parties, while the minimum is three. However, the announcement allows the tender to continue even if there are ultimately less than 3 interested parties.

The school units that will be built are

1. 2 classroom Kindergarten in the Rodopoulas area

2. 12 classroom Primary School of Theotokos area

3. Afantou High School – High School

4. Afantou Gymnasium – Lyceum Indoor Gymnasium

5. 2 classroom  Kindergarten of Asgourou

6. 2 classroom Kindergarten of Rodiniou

7. 2 classroom full-day Kindergarten in Pastida

8. 6 classroom District Primary School “Medea”

9. Special Kindergarten in Rodopoulas area

10. Special Primary School of Rodopoulas area

11. Rodini Special High School

12. Arkhangelou High School (Livada)

13. Indoor Gymnasium, Archangelos Gymnasium – Lyceum (Livada)

What is included in the partnership between the State and the private entity

As part of the Public-Private Partnership, the Private Entity will implement the project.

In summary:

(a) It will prepare the technical studies and will do what is required for the timely issuance of the permits and approvals according to the written provisions,

(b) It will perform the construction work as well as the supply and installation of the equipment. will carry out the works of regeneration and configuration of the surrounding area.

(c) It will finance the project with its own and/or borrowed funds.

(d) It will undertake the technical management throughout the duration of the Partnership Agreement.

(e) It will undertake the insurance of buildings and other facilities – infrastructure systems in all phases of the contract.

(f) It will undertake the custody, cleanliness, waste management and ensuring the hygiene of all facilities and systems.

(g) It will return the project to the Municipality of Rhodes at the end of the contract.

in exchange for making payments at the time the infrastructure is up and running.


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