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Ten major projects for Greece that are still on the waiting list



In Greece, during the times of its infamous crisis it has been a rare phenomenon for the country to implement major infrastructure project. On the contrary, many promises have been given over the years for projects to be realized. Especially during the era of the affluent past, “pharaonic” designs were announced that eventually remained mock-ups. But all of them had their own story. Prosecutions, earnest support up to the tendering processs, and suddendly their return to the forsaken drawers of the Ministry to remain there until today. But which are the most prominent cases? Let’s see:

Attiki Motorway extension project

The extension project of Attica Motorway is a long-standing expectation by the residents of Attica region, 16 years now. Due to the financial crisis, scenarios for its implementation were withdrawn only to re-emerge now as 2 separate projects (extension to Lavrio and Vouliagmeni Urban Tunnel).

Eleonas Intercity Buses Terminal

A project from the Olympic era that 13 years later is still stuck in bureaucracy. Way too many announcements, many desings and when and when the time for decisions arrives, it remains a model. Perhaps the most fatigued transport project in the country.

Kozani Solar Park

In 2010 PPC Renewables, announced an ambitious prospect for the largest photovoltaic park in the world (at the time), with a capacity of 300 MW, costing 600mn euros (even 800mn euros according to some sources). The park would be constructed in a huge area near the former lignite mines of Kozani.

Underwater Road Link of Thessaloniki


A vibrant example of poor management regarding public works. The road link was tendered in 2001 along with the rest of the motorway projects and was even contracted, as early as, the mid 2000s. The contract finally collapsed, a fact that promted the State to compensate the contractor with 68mn euros (the compensations’ interest now exceeds 100mn euros).

Panathinaikos Stadium

A football pitch that has changed multiple positions over the years. From Votanikos area to Helliniko and then to Goudi. 12 years now the project doesn’t seem to settle in a robust place in order to house the dreams of the “Green” fans.

Maliakos Underwater Road Link

During the 1990s, when there were many possibilities for Greece, the idea of Maliakos Underwater Road Link came along and began to mature. We are talking about an outrageously large-scale project based on a dead right idea: an underwater tunnel that would link the two ends of Maliakos Gulf, thus shortening the distance between Athens and Thessaloniki by 60 km or 40 minutes of driving time. 

Western Railway Axis

During the same decade there was a new plan for the development of a new railway line starting from Igoumenitsa and Ioannina to Antirrio. Indeed, the EU also approved it but the project encountered two important obstacles. The first one was its funding and the second (and most important was) Rio-Antirio Bridge, whose construction did not provide for the development of a railway line across its length.

Academy Gardens

An impressive, private investment of 300mn euros that would bring 2,000 new jobs and upgrade a particularly problematic area, next to the largest avenue that runs across the capital. A reasonable reaction to this idea would be the facilitation of such investment and its rapid materialization. But not necessarily in Greece. Since 2007, the Mall of Academy Gardens has been waiting patiently for its transition from the mock-up it currently is to a real-life project.


Western Thessaloniki Ring Road

In the end of the previous decade, the plans for major road projects had become quite popular. One of these was the unleveling of the Eastern side of Thessaloniki’s Ring Road. The plans included a whole new motorway with bridges, tunnels; in a few words, a very fancy and expensive construction plan that never saw its implementation.

Electrical Interconnection of Crete

The plan of the electrical interconnection of Crete with the continental grid of the country has been designed 20 years back. Interconnections from Attica and from the Peloponnese costing over a billion euros in total. Even though tenders are expected in 2018, the particular interconnections are still waiting to be implemented meaning that Crete’s energy costs remain very high, burdening all PPC customers, due to the use of petrol for electricity production. This project could be the most urgent one to become a reality as the annual cost for Crete’s electricity is estimated at a staggering 400mn euros. 



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