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Superstructure works for Thessaloniki Metro began



Thessaloniki Metro’s superstructure works (i.e. track laying works) have begun for the section between Analipsi Station and Syntrivani Station in Tunnel 1 (Eastbound). This is one of the most important stages of the construction, the completion of which, will allow trains to start their trial operation.

Until today, superstructure works have been completed only at Pylea Depot. According to sources, superstructure works are divided in three different stages. The first is the track laying process, the second is the so-called “fitting” and the third is the concreting. Undoubtedly, it’s a job that demands extraordinary precision and does not allow any mistakes.

The difficulty of the superstructure works in Thessaloniki Metro lies on the narrow, single-direction tunnels (as opposed to Athens, where there are wider, double-track tunnels) which are similar to Copenhagen’s Metro.

Another important factor in ensuring that there will be no delays as, at the same time, we will be having the installation of the electromechanical equipment that has to be fitted under the tracks, a process that requires high precision as well.

Once completed, the same procedure will be followed in Tunnel 2 and consequently for the section between Syntrivani and the Depot. After the completion of these works, trial itineraries of the Metro system will begin.

The very first train is expected in the end of August 2018 in order to be presented at Thessaloniki International Fair, while trial operation is expected to begin in the second half of 2019, in order to ensure the safety of the new system before it becomes commercially available.

All these, will bring us to November 20, 2020, when, according to the current schedule, Thessaloniki Metro will officially open its gates to the public, changing for ever the transports of the city.

According to the same plans, Kalamaria branch is due to operate in the first quarter of 2021 and in the end of 2022, the remaining part of the Main Line between the New Railway Station and Syntrivani Station, thus conluding Phase A of Thessaloniki Metro system development.



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