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Athens Suburban Railway: extension to Western Attica to be auctioned shortly



Προαστιακός σιδηρόδρομος - Φωτογραφία αρχείου - Πηγή: Γιώργος Κονταρίνης / Eurokinissi
Πηγή: Γιώργος Κονταρίνης / Eurokinissi

In the final stretch is the competition for the famous Suburban Railway of West Attica. According to information, during this period, OSE is completing the necessary studies in order to complete the technical maturity of the project.

All that remains is the approval of the technical reports and the official inclusion in the Recovery Fund by the Ministry of Finance. The tender documents must then be approved by the Board of Directors of OSE.

This will be the last step that will pave the way for the publication of the tender notice. OSE’s goal, according to the same sources, is for the announcement to come out within the summer and the competition to start in the fall.

The cost of the project has now reached about 100 million euros as in the whole project was added a branch up to the old railway station of Megara that will thus come to life again.

The project concerns the new suburban line Ano Liosia-Elefsina-Megara, and through the development of part of the old metric line Athens-Corinth, which has been out of operation for about 15 years.

It is planned to replace the metric line with new normal range one and the installation of signaling, electrοmobility and ETCS on the 36 km long suburban railway line that will start from Ano Liossia, will pass through Aspropyrgos, Elefsina and will end at Megara.

West Attica thus unites much more effectively in terms of public transport with Athens and the rest of Attica, improving the quality of movement of residents and workers in West Attica and giving additional growth opportunities to businesses in the region and new opportunities in supply chain activities in the region.

The project is considered important due to the rapid development of the Thriasio Pedio but also the need to connect with a means of fixed course and Elefsina. The line will operate the suburban routes and will connect West Attica with the MST network of the capital.

The other tenders for the Athens Suburban Railway

At the same time, ERGOSE has two tenders for the expansion of the Suburban Railway to the other two major ports of Attica, namely Rafina and Lavrio.

These two tenders are implemented in the context of six tenders amounting to 4 billion euros using the method of competitive dialogue. They are at the beginning of the second phase so far.

The extension to Rafina has a cost of 383.16 million euros (including VAT). The following groups expressed interest in the competition: GEK TERNA-INTRAKAT, AVAX-ALSTOM, AKTOR-MYTILINEOS.

The extension to Lavrio has a cost of 484.84 million euros (including VAT). The following expressed interest in the competition: GEK TERNA-INTRAKAT, AVAX-ALSTOM, AKTOR-MYTILINEOS.

If these three extensions proceed, the network of Athens will increase by almost 80 kilometers and will cover important areas of the Attica Region.


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