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Strict measures by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport for the construction sites



The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has taken strict measures to reduce the spread of Covid-19 pandemic at construction sites and in the construction of public works.

The measures, which are summarized and specified in a letter from the Secretary General of Infrastructure, Mr. Georgios Karagiannis, to the relevant bodies are in accordance with the framework and the directions set by EODY (i.e. the National Organization for Public Health) and their implementation is mandatory.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, is also considering the possibility, based on the recent Legislative Act of 20.3.2020 to take other additional safety measures at public construction sites aiming to reduce the possibility of coronavirus spread as much as possible.

Regardless of the enactment of such extraordinary measures, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport emphasizes to all contractors that the faithful observance of the safety and hygiene measures provided by the relevant legislation is required.

As a general direction, special importance must be given, in addition to the individual protection measures of each employee (i.e. work gloves, masks, glasses, work uniforms, etc.) to extra special measures including safety distances between workers, spreading of the crews, sufficient cleaners on the site, etc.


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