Passenger traffic at the 14 Regional Airports of fraport Greece closed for the first two months of 2023 with a large increase of 42%. The large increase is partly due to the fact that last year at the same time there were strict restrictions on movement and travel restrictions.

Thus in total the 14 airports were used by 558,902 passengers compared to 393,678 in the same period last year. Thessaloniki maintains the largest passenger traffic by far with 352,083 passengers, in second place comes Chania with 54,475 passengers while Rhodes occupies third place with 48,549 passengers.

On the contrary, we had the lowest traffic in the first two months in Aktio with only 140 passengers, followed by Skiathos with 1,215 passengers and third from the end Kefalonia with 2,906 passengers.

The largest increase in the first two months compared to the corresponding period of 2022 is observed in Santorini with 61.8% (25,987 passengers), followed by Thessaloniki with an impressive increase of 49.9% and third followed by Chania with 46.8%.

Conversely, only 2 of the 14 airports showed a decline in the same period. These are Aktio airport (-42.1%) and Corfu airport with -41.7%. For Corfu, the drop is considered normal as the airport was closed for scheduled operations from 10 to 24 January 2023 and from 8 to 22 February 2023.

It is worth noting that out of the 14 airports in the first two months, we had international flights in Thessaloniki (197,237) and Chania (2,507).

The flights

Regarding the flights that took place in the first two months, there is an increase of 11.8% compared to last year. More specifically, we had 5,845 flights compared to 5,229 last year. Almost 40% concerned flights at Macedonia Airport in Thessaloniki with 2,764. On the contrary, only 34 flights took place at Skiathos airport.

The big bet for Fraport Greece‘s 14 airports is to surpass last year’s absolute record of 24.92 million passengers achieved thanks to the impressive traffic of the airports during the summer season. Given that in the first two months we already have momentum, we expect to see if this trend will continue in the near future.


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