The next step is on the way of being materialized in the tenders for the three major road projects tendered by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. Both the extension of Kymi Avenue, the Chalkida Bypass and the Bralos-Amfissa road section, relate to tenders that started last February and aroused the interest of the country’s major groups.

According to sources, the three tenders are in the tender committee and all the necessary supporting documents are expected to be completed in order for the process of nominating the temporary contractors to proceed. 

First, it seems that the work of expanding Kimi Avenue is progressing and the other two will follow. The goal is to run the contracts for approval by the Court of Auditors during summer, in addition to the appointment of the contractors. According to the planning of the Ministry of Infrastructure, they will try for the projects to be contracted by next September and to see the bulldozers by the end of the year working.

At the same time, the ministry is running the process of funding the projects that will go through the new NSRF 2021-2027. Contacts with the managing authority are progressing in order for the three projects to be included in the Transport Infrastructure Operational Program of the new programming period.

The contractors

The contractors for the expansion of Kymi Avenue are the TERNA-AKTOR-INTRAKAT consortium, for the Chalkida Bypass Mytilineos and for the Bralos-Amfissa road section the CMC-TEKAL-INTERKAT consortium with a percentage of 14%.

The three projects are estimated to contribute to further employment in the construction industry by offering several hundred jobs. Even more working positions are expected to be available through different sectors affected by the projects such as the contracts that will be signed with subcontractors for the supply of materials and the provision of services.

Kymi Avenue

The projects, which have a total budget, with VAT, of 750 million euros, strengthen and supplement road infrastructure that already exists. The most important project is considered to be the extension of Kimi Avenue, which is the first official extension of Attiki Odos and the construction of new sections of highway.

The extension of Kymi Avenue is a project of 352.3 million euros (amount including VAT). Its objective is the completion of Kimi Avenue, in the section from Attiki Odos to A / K Kalyftakis of the Athens-Thessaloniki National Road, and it concerns the design and construction of a motorway, with a total length of approximately 3.8 km. 

The connection of EO No1 node Kalyftaki is the subject of the Optional Contract. The total length of the project is estimated at 4.2 km together with the option. The option of 32.53 million euros (including VAT) is included in the total cost of the project regarding the completion of Kalyftakis node.

The duration of the project is set at 48 months from the signing of the contract.


The cost of the project with VAT is 285.50 million euros (amount without VAT 230.24 million euros). The auction took place on February 15, 2022, where the bids were opened.

The duration of the works was set at 54 months (4.5 years) from the day of signing the contract. The object of the contract is the study and construction of the works for the improvement of the road axis Lamia-Itea-Antirrio and the auction for the section Bralos-Amfissa. 

This section is divided into subsections:

1st Subsection: Bralos – Gravia Bypass Authority (CHT 0 + 000 – CH 7 + 300)

-2nd Subsection: I.K. Bauxite Mines (not included) – Amfissa (CH. 14 + 000 – CH. 30 + 700)

Bypass of Chalkida

The cost of the project has been estimated at an amount with VAT of 210 million euros (169.35 million euros without VAT). It includes two road sections: the first from Nea Lampsako to the 2 km long Vathrovouni Tunnel and then to the 14.7 km long Vathrovouni Tunnel to Psachna. The following sections are included as an option:

  1. a) the section before Nea Lampsako, towards Chalkida / Ypsili Gefyra, ie the section “A. K. Schimatariou – Nea Lampsakos “, approximately 4.0 km long,
  2. b) the section of Psachna bypass and
  3. c) the part of the artery connecting North – South Evia that connects the uneven junction of Liani Ammos of the bypass of Chalkida with the road network to southern Evia.

The duration of the project is set at 48 months from the signing of the contract.


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