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Seven contenders for Crete University dorms PPP project



Highly successful in the market is the The The tender for the largest PPP building project of all time, i.e. the construction of university students dorms, with an estimated cost of 255m euros (incl. VAT included, VAT excl. 205.94m euros), is considered to be highly successful by the market. According to information of the contenders that have expressed their interest are: 1. GEK TERNA, 2. AKTOR CONCESSIONS, 3. AVAX, 4. INTRAKAT, 5. J/V MYTILINEOS-ATESE, 6. ARCHIRODON and 7. THEMELI.

The tender was finally launched on February 24 (it is reminded that the call for tenders was postponed from January 21 to February 24). The reason for the extension was the preparation of the companies that have expressed interest, which is expected to be very high. The contracting authority is the University of Crete.

It is the first project of its kind and is expected to trigger similar projects in other universities of the country. It concerns the construction of new building complexes in two campuses of Rethymnon and Heraklion.

More specifically, 2,000 student residences will be built in Gallos University Campus and 1,000 in Heraklion as well as a study for the construction of an amphitheater (in the same campus), which will also be used as a conference center.

The tender will be carried out in two phases: The submission of the expression of interest opens the process whereas in Phase B, we will have two stages.

In the first one, a ‘dialogue’ will take place with the participation of all stakeholders which will result to the final scope of the project. Phase B2 will be the submission of the binding bids. It might be accidental, but the first very large infrastructure project to be auctioned in the new decade will be a PPP.

Crete is also emerging as a hotspot for major infrastructure projects, as the university dorms come after Kasteli Airport, VOAK Motorway and the upgrade of Chania Airport from Fraport Greece.


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