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Record-breaking traffic statistics on Ionian Motorway bring smiles in Infrastructure Ministry


στις has mentioned several times the great momentum of the Greek Motorways. And of course it’s a particular pleasure when the numbers come to confirm it. Ionian Motorway, that connects Antirrio with Ioannina, started its full operation in August 2017, and has given a distinct mark of its influence, regarding the development effort in Western Greece and Epirus regions.

According to Nea Odos S.A.’s (operator of Ionian Motorway) data, during the Easter weekend, a total of a record-breaking 42,800 cars, headed to both directions, passed from Klokova toll station. These figures are truly optimistic for the motorway’s traffic trends, in the coming months and years, as past forecasts were particularly daunting, especially due to the crisis.

The most important element in the traffic data of Ionian Motorway, as well as the other motorways of the country, is the interconnectivity between them, which gives them the possibility for increased flows and larger traffic loads.

The first major test for the motorway will be in early September, when its toll stations will complete one year of operation, so there will be a first indication of how the axis performed in relation with the predicted traffic.

The Ministry may keep a low profile about it, but it is well known that there is a climate of satisfaction along its corridors, as the Ionian Motorway’s traffic statistics are even better than expected.

Increased traffic also means that the Ministry of Infrastructure (and the Ministry of Growth and Finance) can negotiate more efficiently funds for the construction of new motorways (i.e. Ioannina-Kakavia and northern section of E65 Central Motorway) compared to the past, when low traffic figures made prospective investors much more reluctant.

People from Rio-Antirrio Bridge, have also many reasons to be happy as, especially after many “difficult” years, the bridge has finally acquired a central position, connecting two major motorways of the country, which, of course is translated in improved traffic loads.




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