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“Hybrid” tolling system under development by Olympia Motorway



According to sources from the concession company of Olympia Motorway, “hybrid” tolls are under development that promise to operate a proportional tolling system, available only to those with Olympia Motorway’s e-pass.

The logic is simple: e-pass users will enter the Motorway and will be billed normally at toll stations. When they leave, they system will calculate the miles that have not been used (i.e. until the next toll station) and an amount of money will  be reimbursed to their accounts.

For its part, Olympia Motorway sees a “fair” charging system that introduces the desired proportionality, without investing large funds.

It is worth noting that, as secure sources report at, the possibility of the development of “hybrid” tolls is provided by the Olympia Motorway’s concession contract amendment in 2013.

This also makes it possible to be the very first motorway concession project that proceeds in this way and, if implemented successfully, could be a benchmark for the rest of the country’s motorways.

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