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Project for Suburban Railway’s upgrade on Isthmos-Loutraki section at the Court of Audit



Appeals blocking the tender for the modernization of the single-track railway line on Isthmos-Loutraki section, 6 km long, have been finally overcome. The projects also includes the installation of new signaling systems and standard-gauge tracks. According to information, ERGOSE decided on January 17th the dismissal of AKTOR’s appeal and awarded the project to J/V Mytilineos-Ksanthakis, making the first step for the signing of the contract.

The project has now entered its pre-contractual period as the contract will be sent to the Court of Audit allowing its final signing. The J/V had previously underbidded for the auction with a 47.82% discount. It is reminded that Mytilineos is also the contractor for the completion of Kiato-Rododafni railway line, whose construction works are almost finished.

The upgrade of Isthmos-Loutraki section also concerns its connection to the existing high speed railway line, operating between Kiato-Corinth and the Airport. The cost of the project is 14.88mn euros (incl. VAT, VAT excl. 12mn euros) and the project owner is ERGOSE. The project is funded by the Public Investments Program.

I is noted that the tender procedure had been completed by April 2018. If the project doesn’t encounter any further delays, construction works could start in the Summer, meaning that its completion would be expected in the end of 2020. Along with the maintenance, project’s duration reaches 54 months.



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