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PPPs to dominate the scenery of Greece’s large-scale infrastructure projects



PPPs seem to be dominating the area of infrastrucure projects. This “novelty” was introduced in our country timidly towards the end of the previous decade, to finally becomw a protagonist in the development of dozens of projects that would otherwise be left in the drawers, collecting dust.

One of the most important projects that have been carried out a PPPs is the electronic ticketing system of TfA (Transport for Athens) and the Telematics system of TfA. Equally important is the penetration of PPPs into the construction of Waste Treatment Units. Bright examples are the Units in Kozani (Western Macedonia), has been operating for almost a year now as well as the Units in Epirus and Serres are under construction. New Units are just a few steps away from their implementation, like in the case of Ilia (Western Greece) and Peloponnese.

An important benefit of PPPs is that they reversed the “demonization” of the relationship between public implementing entities of a project and the private funds involved in it.  On the contrary they proved that this kind of collaboration can create projects useful to society but, more importantly, sustainable over time. PPP projects give us a fresh perspective of public works, by adopting a different logic.

In this context, we have seen the construction of 24 public schools in Attica that resemble the most luxurious private schools, and, since 2017 when they went operational, they have attracted plethora of applications from students of neighboring areas, proving that public schools can be upgraded and attract interest, providing a better leven of education.

However, PPPs are not stagnant, they evolve over time. Now we see two very large PPPs in the queue of preparation. The first concerns “Thriasio 2”; the creation of a mega-Logistics Park in the area of ​​Aspropyrgos (implementing entity is OSE), a project that has already stimulated the interest of foreign companies operating in Greece.

The second is the construction and operation of the new Intercity Buses Terminal in Eleonas area in Athens, a PPP which is of a very commercial nature. Attiko Metro will be the implementing entity, and funds are secured both by Attica’s KTEL (i.e. the region’s intercity buses company) and other private players.

However, the utilization of PPPs can be applied in an even wider range of projects in our country, mainly building-related, with the operation and maintenance of hospitals, that are currently dated and with multiple insufficiencies, public administration buildings, procurement of buses for transportation, procurement and maintenance of equipment for various public bodies etc.

The PPP method has  proven its success and, especially in a time with limiteed resources, it can be an ideal choice for the promotion and implemention of projects that cannot be funded adequately. Especially the participation of the banking sector, ensures the capitals’ mobility within these projects, with their repayment period varying, depending on the PPP’s type and purpose.



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