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PPP Waste Management Facility inaugurated in Western Macedonia



Minister of Energy and Environment, Mr. Giorgos Stathakis inaugurated yesterday the first Waste Management Facility in Kozani, Northern Greece. It is the first integrated system that addresses waste management entirely on a regional level, as it will be accepting solid waste from the whole of Western Macedonia and additionally from the city of Veria (belonging to Central Macedonia region).

The great success is mainly due to the smooth co-operation of the local community, the institutions, the regional authorities, the PPP Special Secretariat and the Ministries of Economy and Energy and Environment, proving that only in this way impediments can be tackled, allowing such an important project to proceed.

PPP Special Secretary, Mr. Nikos Mantzoufas commented: “I am glad that this project went operational. It honours the regional authorities of Western Macedonia, which through a long period of preparation and construction, supported it”.

Contractor, Mr. Leonidas Bobolas said that “it is a special project, the first of its kind in Greece, based on PPP model, which has secured funding of 30mn euros. It was built and completed without delay and has been already in operation for 25 days.”

He noted that ILEKTOR, invested 17mn euros in equity and added: “We invest in the long run, we build infrastructure, create Greek know-how, which is successfully tested on the global market, with Greek engineers. Waste management is an example of culture, I hope Western Macedonia to set a guiding light.” Project funding sources derived from: ILEKTOR’s own funds (17mn euros), EIB (12.7mn euros), the Investments Bank of Greece (12.7mn euros) and the National Bank of Greece (5.6mn euros).

“The project could not have been implemented if it was not for the complete accordance and cooperation of Western Macedonia’s regional authorities, Mr. Stathakis finally pointed out.




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