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Plans reemerge for partial undergrounding of Athens Metro Line 1



Stagnated plans for the undergrounding of Athens Metro Line 1 between Faliro and Piraeus seem to reemerge. The project was first introduced in the early 00s, in the framework of the Tramway’s expansion to Piraeus city center and the Port.

The ambitious double project was never materialized and a few years later (in 2009) the Tramway’s extension to Piraeus was separately. The undergrounding between Faliro and Piraeus, with the construction of a new station near the old factory of Keranis, although supported by both the Municipality of Piraeus and the regional authorities of Attica, all these years, had failed to find its way to implementation.

On November 19, 2009, preliminary studies (which had started in 2007) were approved and one month later, final studies were submitted. About 3 years later, on November 23, 2012, the project’s environmental terms get approved and on March 4, 2013, a request regarding the approval of the project’s final studies was also submitted.

At this point in time, and while everything indicates that the project was about to be constructed, STASY SA’s (implementing entity) administration decides, just a few months later, to call the contract for the pre-study, study and tender documents off, effectively aborting its implementation.

However, almost 5 years later and a series of overturns the project seems to be revived, once again. if the required funds, which are estimated at approximately 100mln euros are found, the project will be finally able to be tendered. At this point, it has to be noted that only Attiko Metro has the right to carry out the tender as it is the construction arm of all Metro and Tram projects in the country.

Although securing necessary funds could be proven a thorny issue, the activation of this project is considered crucial for Piraeus. The first and most important reason would be that the prospective undergrounding would reconnect the bisected Piraiki Peninsula with the area of Kaminia after more than 140 years.

Additionally, a new urban boulevard will be built, offering both Tram and Metro connection, with a future planning to reach all the way to Piraeus Port. The new Metro Station that is planned to be constructed, will serve a large area with significant population and will boost the real estate market, uprading Metro Line 1 as a whole.



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