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Plans for Metro Line 3 branch to Piraeus’ Western Suburbs



Both the Ministry of Infrastructure and Attiko Metro seem to be oriented towards a future extension of Metro Line 3 to Piraeus’ Western Suburbs, Keratsini and Perama. In a question directed to the Greek Minister of Infrastructure, Mr. Christos Spirtzis, during a conference held yesterday in the European Parliament in Brussels, the answer was clear.

Therefore a future extension of Athens Metro to the above-mentioned municipalities as a branch of Line 3, starting either from Nikea or Maniatika in order to serve the densely populated suburbs. These plans of course will become more official when they are included in the expected update of Athens Metro Development Study, which Attiko Metro will publish soon.

It is reminded that for several years the plans of Attiko Metro included the extension of the Tram from the port of Piraeus to Keratsini and Perama, but for the time being they have been suspended because of reactions by the Mayor of Perama who has requested the examination of the possibility for a future extension of the Metro in order for the area to be covered, instead of the Tram.

However, if the solution of the Metro is finally chosen, it will probably have to wait in the queue for its implementation, given that Line 4, at a cost of over 2bn euros as well as the extension of Line 2 to Ilion at a cost of 400m euros, will be prioritized.

Instead, the Tram would be implemented with a much lower budget compared to the Metro, connecting the area, much faster, to the capital’s fixed-rail network.



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