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Piraeus port – Athens Airport via metro: a major breakthrough for both cities



Σταθμός Μετρό

The connection of the port with the airport, as well as the progress of the major projects concerning the city of Piraeus, were discussed in a meeting of the Deputy Minister of Shipping and Island Policy, Costas Katsafados, with the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Costas Ah. Karamanlis, and the managing director of Attiko Metro SA, Nikos Kouretas.

Regarding the TRAM, the ministry assured that the physical object of the project has been completed and is ready to hand it over to a commercial operation, as soon as the Piraeus Traffic Police allows the passage in the right lane of Omiridou Skylitsi Street, to the recently rebuilt building.

Regarding the Metro, Costas Ah. Karamanlis informed that the works are progressing smoothly, at a fast pace, despite the fact that we are in a pandemic for many months.

The works continued normally, and the completion of the project and the operation of the Metro is planned for the next summer of 2022. The three new stations: “Maniatika”, “Piraeus” and “Municipal Theater” will change the character and the daily life of the city.

Each station will have its own architectural character, with the “Municipal Theater” being a special station in the metro network, due to its museological character, with the display of antiquities found during the excavation of the station.

At the same time, Piraeus will become an important transport center for all means of transport (ship, metro, airport connection, tram, suburban railway, buses) and will provide additional development opportunities throughout Attica.

Finally, the environmental footprint of the new stations will be important: it is estimated that CO2 emissions will be reduced by about 52 tons per day, as well as the number of vehicles circulating in the city per day by 8,800.

In a statement, Mr. Katsafados stressed that: “I thanked Mr. Karamanlis and Kouretas for the essential information they gave me. I am happy because we are finally at the finish line, so that citizens and visitors of Piraeus stop suffering “.

“Also, with the completion of the projects, the shops of the city will be able to operate again in the places where projects are taking place. I am optimistic that Piraeus will soon turn the page and will play a leading role in the restart of the economy “, he added, according to APE-MPE.



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