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Phase B’ construction works for Faliro Bay Restoration project to be auctioned in early 2019



Phase A’ of Faliro Restoration project, which concerns infrastructure and flood defense construction works, is in progress. In February 2019, as reported by the Deputy Chief of Attica Region’s Southern District, Mr. Christos Kapandais, at, the 2 new surface tunnels (300 and 500 meters each) of Poseidonos Ave. will be connected to the existing road network in Syngrou and A. Papandreou Avenues, allowing works to begin on the existing 3 km-long road section. After the demolition of the current coastal axis, the flood defense works will be launched, which will be protecting the area permanently.

One of the great “legacies” of this contract will also be the construction and operation of the Water Treatment Plant, just 2.2 km away from Faliro. It will be an innovative unit that will be collecting water from Kifissos River into underground tank to process and filter it  in order to re-use it for the needs of the metropolitan park that will be created on the surface.

As Mr. Kapandais notes, it is estimated that the quantity of the water will be adequate to cover watering needs in neighboring municipalities. The unit will be equipped with bidirectional pipelines which, during the summer period, when Kifissos Riveer is almost dry, will be able to draw sea water that will be channeled into the river and -ultimately- act as a deterrent to odours and mosquitoes.

The next project

As Mr. Kapandais says, tender documents for the project’s Phase B’, which concerns the creation of the so-called “ecological park”, are currently being prepared. The cost is estimated at around 80m euros (VAT incl.), which will come from the Region’s own funds.

The aim is for the next phase to be tendered in the beginning of 2019, immediately after the completion of the first phase, and 2years later, in 2021, the regenerated area to be delivered to the residents of the area.

The scope of of the project includes the creation of a park covering an area of about 54.3 acres, located between the new road axis and the seafront and approximately 8.6 acres from the existing road. The currently exposed tunnels, visible to drivers, will be covered with earth and greenery, acting as a natural embankment for the flood defense of the area.

The project also includes the creation of 2 underground parking spaces with a capacity of 300 and 500 cars respectively. It is noteworthy that works for Faliro Bay Restoration will be connected, on the one side, with the Peace and Friendship Stadium and Mikrolimano (where a restoration is now being attempted by the Municipality of Piraeus) and on the other side, with Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, Taekwondo Stadium, Flisvos Marina and Flisvos Park, thus creating a unified area for sports, entertainment and relaxation, transforming completely the image of the area.

With the operation of the park, with a surface of ​​487,393 sq.m., As Mr. Kasandas argues, an additional tender will be held regarding the commercial uses of the space, its maintenance and security.



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