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P.Papanikolas (CEO of Olympia Odos): Revolutionary the new hybrid toll system





An extremely interesting and exclusive interview was given by the CEO of Olympia Odos, Panagiotis Papanikolas, to the journalist Nikos Karagiannis for Also an extensive presentation of the pioneering “Hybrid” toll system for Greece was made.

“Olympia Odos brings a revolution in domestic travel” notes Mr. Papanikolas, describing in detail the great benefits, such as the proportional kilometer charge to those who have OLYMPIA PASS.

The head of Olympia Odos, explains that the new service should be used and reveals that the decision to introduce the company the kilometer charge with the “Hybrid” system is a conscious policy that contributes to the two-way relationship of trust and a responsible attitude to its seasonable requirements.

Mr. Papanikolas announces, also, new pioneering services for road users with special reference to “Water from the air” with the supply of clean drinking water in parking and the program of heavy maintenance.

Below you can read the whole interview:

Nikos Karagiannis: We are a “breath” away from the implementation of the hybrid toll system. Tell us when the operation starts, who it concerns and what will change in our travels on Olympia Odos.

Panagiotis Papanikolas: Olympia Odos brings a revolution in domestic travel, introducing from January 1, for the first time in Greece, the concept of mileage charging, through the innovative Hybrid toll system. With this state-of-the-art system, we have the ability to calculate the actual distance traveled by the vehicle, making the charges proportional.

The driver crosses the tolls using the OLYMPIA PASS and is charged the price of the specific zone. At the exit from Olympia Odos, the Hybrid system recognizes the transceiver and returns the difference of the money for the distance to the end of the zone, with the result that the user is charged only for the kilometers he has traveled, enjoying discounts up to 77 %.

It is worth noting that at the exit the driver is not required to stop at a toll station to credit the difference in money, but this is done automatically using the technology of the “free flow”.

Olympia Odos becomes the first highway in Greece that applies kilometer charges for all types of vehicles, as well as for professional drivers, except for two-wheelers. For motorcyclists, who for safety reasons use only Moto Card and not transceiver, we have provided a new discount program, Moto VALUE, which will offer a fixed discount of 20% from the first crossing!

It is also useful to mention that the Hybrid system will operate in parallel with the existing VALUE discount program, so that drivers can enjoy the current graduated discounts depending on the use they make on the highway, as well as the returns of the kilometer system.

Nikos Karagiannis: What should the user-driver pay attention to in order to reap the benefits of this new innovative system?

Panagiotis Papanikolas: The only condition for the users of the highway to enjoy the important discounts mentioned above is the use of the OLYMPIA PASS transceiver. In fact, the existing subscribers do not need to take any action, because the change will be done automatically by Olympia Odos.

Very simple and practical: It is important that the transceiver is permanently placed on the windshield of the car to be read through the electronic gates of the Hybrid. If there is another transceiver, it should be placed in the special protective bag and if someone has lost the special bag they can get a new one from a Customer Service Point on their next trip: Elefsina and Kiato in the direction of Patras, Rio and Isthmus in direction to Athens.

The credit of the money appears in the account within a few minutes after the transfer.

We are very proud, in the family of Olympia Odos, for this great social investment, which comes to radically change the local and supra-local movements and the overall operation of the highways in the country, offering significant benefits to as many drivers as possible.

Nikos Karagiannis: Why did you take the initiative to operate a system that is not currently mandatory on all highways. What motivated you in this direction?

Panagiotis Papanikolas: The decision of Olympia Odos to introduce, for the first time in Greece, the concept of mileage tolls is fully linked to its role as an active corporate citizen. We have made a pioneering move on the data of domestic travel because we believe that in the difficult days we are experiencing, we should all work with greater social sensitivity.

As Olympia Odos, we are interested in standing out, not only for the state-of-the-art highway infrastructure, safety and speed in the movements we provide to drivers, but also for our responsible attitude towards society and its needs. The Hybrid system is moving in the direction of the sustainable urban mobility policies adopted by the state and we are very proud to be an integral part of these substantial changes in the daily life of the citizen.

We also want drivers to actively choose us for their routes. We believe that with the Hybrid system we give the necessary motivation for someone to choose the fast and completely safe road even for his local movements and not only for the long-distance long distances. The Hybrid changes local travel and puts an end to unnecessary routes and walks.

Nikos Karagiannis: Olympia Odos has accustomed us to innovative applications and on the occasion of the hybrid toll system I would like to ask you what else could we expect in the near future?

Panagiotis Papanikolas: As far as our customers are concerned, very soon we will present the mobile application “OLYMPIA PASS” and all the possibilities that anyone who has downloaded it on their mobile phone, except of course to see their account and charge it easily and quickly from wherever it is located.

But as you know, there is also the heavy maintenance of infrastructure that indirectly interests us all as drivers because it is related to road safety. And in this area we have developed innovations regarding the methodology of monitoring the infrastructure with the most modern technological tools.

One such tool that we have recently begun to use to inspect old lighting fixtures is an innovative rotating device that detects and evaluates the oscillation response of the mast and records its wear and tear.

Also, in the field of sustainability, we are piloting an ambitious program, which is named “Water from the air” . It concerns the provision of clean, fresh, drinking water to travelers, which will be produced from the humidity of the air and which will be installed as a pilot in a Parking lot of the highway.




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