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Athens Tram: trams on the branch to Peace and Friendship Stadium to resume on January 17th



After the return of the Tram to Syntagma, the next goal of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport is the reopening of the line to SEF and of course the operation of the large extension to the center and the port of Piraeus.

As revealed by the CEO of STASY, Nikos Hairetas speaking to, the ultimate goal is the reopening of the Tram until SEF is achieved by January 17, i.e. in about 1.5 months.

This emerged after yesterday’s meeting between STASY, Attica Region and the contractor (AKTOR). The project and the line were then inspected on site and the goal was set to be operational on the 17th of the following month. This always with the condition that the last pending issues will run without further delays. It should be noted that the operation of the shifted line due to the works in Faliriko Bay has received three extensions so far.

Mr. Hairetas noted that on December 31 is estimated that some final studies (infrastructure and superstructure) will be delivered and around January 10 test routes on the line Batis-SEF with Tram will begin, without passengers of course. In this one week, all the necessary corrections, arrangements and interventions will be made in order for the Tram to reach Faliro again on the 17th of the month.

The expansion in Piraeus

The second goal is the operation after almost 8 years from the start of the works of the expansion of the new single circular line SEF-Piraeus-SEF. The works have been completed by the Attiko Metro and the only pending issue here is the partial demolition of the listed building on Homeridos Skylitsis that caught fire a year ago, which the Municipality of Piraeus will undertake to execute at the beginning of the year, solving the problem and shedding light on the commercial launch of the expansion. addressed the Mayor of Piraeus, Giannis Moralis, who notes that for quite some time now he has expressed in many ways his concern for the building on Omiridou Skylitsi and Deligiorgi 1.

This property has been particularly stressed in recent years, with more typical examples the earthquake of 1999, the earthquake of 19/7/2019, the fire that occurred by people living in this January 2020, in which unfortunately we also mourned a child, as well as the general stress that each building undergoes over the years.

As Mr. Moralis emphasizes “due to the particularity of this building, which has been designated by the Ministry of Culture as a monument-work of art, the Municipality had no responsibilities in it, so we tried in cooperation with the Region to do what was within our responsibilities. for the safety of citizens, i.e. the blockade of the traffic lane and the sidewalk.

Also, as the Municipality of Piraeus, we had pressed for years the owners and then the Ministry of Culture, which is responsible, to judge the building as demolishable if it has been characterized as dangerously dilapidated by the competent department of the Ministry “.

The Minister of Culture issued a decision (ΥΠΠΟΑ / ΓΔΑΜΤΕ / ΔΠΑΝΣΜ / ΤΜΑΝΣΜΠΚ / 97422/11857/804/200 / 24.02.2020 (ΑΔΑ: ΩΕ6Γ4653Π4-Ζ5Π) according to which it defines the demolition of parts of the building and not the total demolition in the Municipality of Piraeus the drafting of demolition methodology.

In the new year the dismissal on the initiative of the Municipality

The Mayor of Piraeus notes in that “we responded immediately and transmitted the demolition methodology which was considered by the Ministry of Culture. As a Municipality and regardless of the ambiguity in relation to who has the responsibility in buildings designated as monuments-works of art, we proceed with the assignment procedures and we hope that with the new year the demolition works will start as soon as possible and we are in contact with Attiko Metro and with Themeli, due to the crossing of the TRAM lines in front of the building, for possible cooperation “.

In fact, Mr. Moralis emphasizes that, “in any case, this pending issue that brings to the surface part of the pathogenesis of the Greek State does NOT affect the arrival of the tram, as if the works in Faliriko Bay are not finished, the tram will not start”.

With the completion of the demolition, it is essentially a matter of a few weeks for Piraeus to be able to officially receive the Tram which will pass through the central axes of the city, such as Gr. Lambraki, Vassileos Georgiou, Akti Poseidonos, Omiridou Skylitsi.


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