There is a certain level of activity recently on the issue of the implementation of the western part of Olympia Odos Pyrgos-Kalo Nero-Tsakona. Yesterday a meeting was held at the Prime Minister’s office under Kyriakos Mitsotakis with the participation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Kostas Karamanlis, the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Giorgos Karagannis, the Minister of State Akis Skertsou and the Regional Governors of Western Greece and Peloponnese Mr. Farmakis and Mr. Nikas.

The first goal is, according to information, to explore all the possibilities for the implementation of the project. The first step will be the initiation of the studies in order to achieve the maturity of the project and a second step would be to seek the financing of the project so that it can move forward towards construction.

Olympia Odos will play a decisive role since the Pyrgos-Kalo Nero-Tsakona section is part of the concession. Let us remember that already at the time of the first concession in 2008 this section was part of the construction but there was a problem with the carving through the lake Kaiafas where finally there was a decision of the Council of State.

The interest is focused on the studies that will be drawn up and how it will eventually be possible to provide an overall reliable technical solution that will be able to attract funding from the NSRF, as was done recently with Patra-Pyrgos. A key point is the cost that will result from the studies and, of course, the course of financing the project.

A project that brings to conclusion two major axes

The materialization of the project Pyrgos-Kalo Nero-Tsakona completes the major road projects in the Peloponnese region. With this section, the road circuit is completed, while connecting Western with Southern Peloponnese via Morea and Olympia Odos.

At the same time, the Greek section of the Adriatic Motorway, the road that starts from Trieste, runs along the coasts of Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and reaches Greece, is being completed. The Greek section includes Ioannina-Kakavia, Ionia Odos, the Rio-Antirio Bridge and the section of the Olympia Odos Rio-Patra-Pyrgos-Tsakona.

Of course, the fact that with this section the initial layout of the Olympia Odos is completed, as an axis that starts from Eleusina, passes through Corinth, Patras, Pyrgos and reaches Messinia in the area of Tsakona, connecting three regions by road: Attica, Peloponnese and Western Greece, is of great importance.

In the announcement of the Prime Minister, it is noted that there was a meeting under Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis held at Megaro Maximou for the implementation of the road axis Pyrgos (Alfeios River) – Kalo Nero – Tsakona.

“During the meeting, the prospects for the implementation of the project were examined and the necessary directions were given in order to immediately start the necessary studies by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport with the final goal being its financing in the near future” is stated in the announcement of the Prime Minister’s office.


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