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Olympia Odos: works & studies for the motorway’s extensions to the south are underway



Πάτρα-Πύργος: Εργοτάξιο στα Κρεστενά
Πάτρα-Πύργος: Εργοτάξιο στα Κρεστενά. Πηγή:

The progress of Olympia Motorway in the section of Patras – Pyrgos and the studies after Pyrgos were at the center of the discussion with the President and CEO of Olympia Odos, Panagiotis Papanikolas, as a guest, at the 11th Regional Growth Conference, the conference of the “Peloponnisos” newspaper on which took place at the Conference and Cultural Center of the University of Patras from March 16 to 18.

According to what Mr. Papanikolas said, we are on schedule since the project started (in March 2022). By December progress had reached 10% and today it is 11%. “We are at the earthworks and as you can understand the progress of the project depends a lot on the weather, especially in the winter months” he mentioned.

Studies on connections with local communities

“There is no development without accessibility” said Mr. Papanikolas “It is important that the region is connected to the local communities”. He mentioned that Olympia Odos has undertaken the studies for the highway’s connections with the areas it passes through. As he said, there will be improvements in uneven junctions, in the accessibility of the industrial zone, a semi-junction in Alissos, upgrading of the provincial road of Ancient Elis, the section from Pyrgos to Ancient Olympia which concerns the reconstruction of the existing road surface of the 8 km long NEO Patras-Pyrgos from U/J of  Pyrgos to the junction of Archaia Olympia (Ancient Olympia) in the existing perimeter of Pyrgos.

Pyrgos-Alfeios is the part that will bring us closer to Ancient Olympia. Mr. Papanikolas said that this section is the most immediate and that it can be implemented when the funding is secured and the order is given by the Ministry of Infrastructure. This section is approximately 12 km and connects the Olympia highway with the area of Ancient Olympia.


The Managing Director of Olympia Odos said that the study for Alfeios-Kalo Nero is being reviewed with changes and optimization of the characteristics, to be more “orderly”. An alternative solution is also being considered for the Caiaphas area by bypassing the area. What is being carried out are the primary studies in order to be sent to the European Union for approval. As Mr. Papanikolas estimated, they could be given in about a year. The procedures are complicated and as the head of Olympia Road said, they take 2-3 years to complete.

What did he say about bridges?

Referring to the Bridge of Servion, for which an investigation was ordered, he emphasized that a register of bridges should be created, there should be an inspection, a maintenance study drawn up and finally work on them every three to six years. As he said the bridges in the concession projects have been inspected and the necessary files have been given to the Ministry of Infrastructure and the bridges have since been maintained on a regular basis.

Regarding the issue of training engineers, Mr. Papanikolas said that he himself participates, teaching in a program with NTUA (Education and Lifelong Learning Center) which is in the second semester and concerns seminars for civil engineers for inspection and evaluation of bridges. Olympia Odos, for its part, established this year a five-year program of two scholarships, one for geologists and one for civil engineers at the University of Patras.

He referred to the innovations implemented by Olympia Odos for environmental protection to serve drivers. The purpose of the company is to reduce human emissions, initially by reducing energy consumption (60-70%) and then by producing green energy (led in tunnels, junctions and open road sections), and adaptive lighting to reduce energy consumption (depending on traffic). The next step is the creation of small Photovoltaic parks along the highway that will contribute to zeroing the carbon footprint of Olympia Motorway.

Of course, in the field of public service, the mileage charging system is considered emblematic, followed by the Olympia Odos mobile app, which technologically is the closest thing to connecting the highway with the user. OL. Odos is also using the technology for the now famous “water from the air” which will soon be available in 10 parking lots of the highway.


Regarding the importance of Vinci’s presence in Greece, Mr. Papanikolas noted that he singles out the better access to financing, the great experience that the Group has (the first motorway operator in Europe) and the strict environmental strategy and goals.


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