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Offers for Athens Metro Line 4 to be submitted on March 15



March 15 is the definite date for the submission of technical and financial offers regarding the construction project of Athens Metro new Line 4, after 4 consecutive extensions. The decision has been taken, according to very well-informed sources of, from Attiko Metro and the Ministry of Infrastructure so as not to delay the major project even more, given that the expected clarifying verdict by the Council of State regarding tendering procedures in Greece, triggered by Amvrakia Motorway, will probably crawl.

This means that the 3 schemes claiming the mega transportation project and already aware of this development and are preparing to submit the most “attractive” offer in order to secure the “golden” contract. It is reminded that the 3 contenders are: 1. TERNA-VINCI-SIEMENS, 2. AKTOR-ANSALDOBREDA-HITACHI and 3. J&P AVAX-GHELLA-ALSTOM. These J/Vs have been formed since the completion of the tender’s Phase A’  that had begun with the Expression of Interest on August 10, 2017.

With the submission of the files, the most important period of the tender will start with the evaluation of the technical offers that will decide how many TBMs will be used, among others. Subsequently, probably around Autumn, the opening of the financial offers will follow, which will award the “golden” contract for the construction of the “orange” line.

However a possible setback would be a negative verdict by the Councll of State regarding Amvrakia Motorway tender, which would sweep along Athens Metro Line 4 tender, with a devastating effect on the project itself.

The fourth line of Athens Metro is the largest new-generation public project funded by the NSRF 2014-2020, with an original budget of 1.45bn euros (1.8bn euros, incl. VAT). NSRF  is expected to cover 75% of the budget, percentage which is considered a record high. It is also the project with the largest funding from EIB; approximately 450m euros.

The construction project ofAthens Metro Line 4 is also the largest independent Metro project of all time for Greece, surpassing, in terms of cost, the construction of the first sections of Lines 2 and 3 as well as the Main Line of Thessaloniki Metro. The duration of the project is 96 months from the signing of the contract, expected to take place in 2020.




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