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Next generation buses to arrive in TFA



The administration of Attica region approved the allocation of 30mn euros for the procurement of new buses in order to reinforce the aging fleet of the capital’s transport organization. The fleet renewal will be also supported by other funding sources, most likely the relevant Infrastructure Ministry and EIB, according to Infrastructure Minister, Mr. Spirtzis.

The Minister referred, in his recent statement, to the developments of Sofia Convention, 2 months ago, when reported about the promising governmental plans for the procurement of large numbers of urban buses in Athens and Thessaloniki through Clean Transport Facility funding tool and the production of these vehicles in Greece-based units.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t made clear whether the Ministry has decided or not to follow the trend in Europe’s large cities for environment-friendly buses (e.g. electric). It is remarkable that London has decided that all new buses from now on will be “zero emissions” while Paris aims for an entirely “clean” transportation system by 2025.

Mr. Spirtzis said that there was no financial provision at all by previous governments regarding these actions, prompting the current administration to negotiate with EIB in order to secure necessary funds, at least for Athens and Thessaloniki. “We also try to attract investments with regard to the production of buses or specific parts in our country”, he added.

“Unfortunately, the depreciation of urban transportation and public bodies in general, the development of electoral mechanisms was an enjoyable ‘sport’ of the old-fashioned political system. It cannot be changed in a day. We fight and we will succeed.”



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