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New Metro Line 4: the first construction sites in downtown Athens are already underway



Metro construction sites returned to the center of Athens after an absence of more than 20 years. For a few days now, the development of construction sites at the Akadimias and Evangelismos stations has been started by ERETVO. At Akadimias station, the first construction site of the center is located on Akadimias Street, between the buildings of the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens and the Nomiki building. was there and as you can see the gradual occupation of the space has begun. In the coming days, the well-known construction site sheets will take their places.

An interesting element of this station is that with its operation it will be connected to the University of Line 2. The difference in relation to other stations that connect two lines, is that the connection will not be made through levels (a station below the other) but through an underground walkway. The reason is that the two stations are about 100 meters apart.

What works have started?

The first works on the construction sites will concern archeological excavations and then relocation of OKO. At the same time, the archeological works are proceeding at the main construction site of the new line, in Katehaki. The construction site has been set up there since the summer, while the main contractor (AVAX-GHELLA-ASTOM) has set up his “headquarters”, having put container-offices. The construction site has also been set up in the Veikos Grove.

These two construction sites have to run as according to information, the construction consortium has ordered the two Metropontikes from Germany. The two massive machines will come in about a year and the goal is to have them assembled at both ends and start their journey by the end of 2022.

If we do not have surprises, in 2023 we will have the first breakthroughs in stations from the Metropolitan. Veikos Grove, Galatsi and Elikonos in the west and Goudi, Zografou, Ilisia in the east will be the first stations in the course of the machines.

Εργοτάξια Σταθμού Ακαδημίας Γραμμή 4

Study period

We may have entered the construction phase, squatting construction sites and starting archeological works, but at this time we are mainly in the phase of preparing dozens of studies. The traffic studies will play an imporatant role as they will concern each construction site and will be implemented for as long as the construction sites remain active.

There are also OKO studies that require continuous meetings and contacts with the “owners” of each network. There are also geological and geotechnical sections made by the consortium of the main project in order to determine the subsoil in which work will be carried out.

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