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New metro Line 4 preparation works to be signed within days

Νίκος Καραγιάννης



Μετρό Γραμμή 4

Another step towards the completion of the tender for the main project, which concerns the construction of the new Line 4 in Athens has been taken.

According to a decision taken by Attiko Metro, the award of the tender in favor of the AVAX-GHELLA-ALSTOM consortium, which is now the temporary contractor of the project, was approved.

As shown in the decision, the consortium offered 1.15 billion euros (amount excluding VAT), i.e. a discount of 12.1%. Now the J / V is required to provide updated, where necessary, supporting documents and then to be checked. The pre-contractual audit will then be completed with the submission of the contract for approval by the Court of Auditors.

The penultimate step will be the presentation in Parliament, by the Minister of Infrastructure, Costas Karamanlis and the Managing Director of Attiko Metro, Nikos Kouretas and finally the construction contract will be signed. This is expected to be done by the beginning of the summer.

A new line

It is to be reminded that the new Metro line 4 will have about 13 kilometers of new underground line and 15 new stations. Line 4 will be connected in this first phase in Evangelismos with line 3 and in the University with line 2 (the corresponding station of line 4 will be called Academy and the connection will be made through an underground passage).

The project will last 96 months and during it, Athens will relive moments of the 1990s. In a few days, the preliminary works are expected to be signed and the construction period for a new line will officially begin, almost 30 years after the start of construction of lines 2 and 3.

Preliminary work begins

It should be noted that the preliminary works are part of the construction of the Metro. Until today, these works were included in the construction contract. With law 4412 there was their separation with the hope that the works would be accelerated. So two competitions were created, but the subject concerns the same project.

The first two construction sites are expected to be set up at the ends of the line, ie in the Veikou Grove (in the indoor gym of the area) and in Goudi (behind the Katehaki Metro station). The ground will be prepared there for the future arrival of the two TBMs (subways) that will undertake the opening of the 133 km. Construction sites will be set up in a total of 15 stations and 9 wells. The precursors will be occupied by the construction sites, the bypassing of networks and archeological works. The work of the precursors will be undertaken by ERETVO.

The big bet is the parallel cooperation of forerunners and mainly projects, i.e. the two contractors, so that delays do not occur. This can be done under the supervision of Attiko Metro and the independent engineer who especially in this project will be called to work accurately. It should be noted that the relevant competition is currently underway, and it is estimated that all major consulting companies operating in the country will be present.




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