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New generation school units in Attica completed as PPP projects

Νίκος Καραγιάννης



An excellent and exemplary school unit that was recently completed, was delivered to the Municipality of Penteli a few days ago. was there for the special event dedicated to the journalists and the school’s media coverage, which is one of the 24 schools constructed as a PPP project across 10 different municipalities in the region of Attica.

All involved parties collaborated seamlessly for the completion of the project; from PPP Special Secretariat and KTYP, implementing entity from the public sector to the EU, the banks and ATESE (private construction company) that co-funded the construction and secured its timely delivery. The outcome of this paradigmatic coordination is a new “jewel” for the area and an inspiring school environment for its lucky future students.

The premises of the new school unit have nothing to do with what we’ve used in seeing in public schools so far, i.e. negligence and ran-down buildings or outdoors facilities.

The new PPP school unit in Penteli is technologically advanced, environmentally friendly and energy efficient as it features remotely operated air conditioning systems, special sunshades, solar panels that cover 20% of the school’s energy needs, smart rainwater drainage systems, safety doors that prevent finger-clapping and splendid sound and thermal insulation.

Moreover, there are special facilities for disabled students, synthetic floors for the sports grounds etc. It is noteworthy that this public-private partnership sets mandatory and strict terms for the contractor to keep the premises in an excellent condition for 25 years. That said, it is highly likely for all interested municipalities across the country to upgrade their school units through EFSI funding tool (Juncker’s Package) for the related new-generation projects to come.  

The media event was organized by the European Commission Representation in Greece. Panos Karvounis Head of the European Commision Representation stated: “The project released today is an excellent example of the tangible results that European funds can deliver to the society and the economy, when used properly. This was an exemplary cooperation between the public and the private sectors and an example for the respect for the environment. If we want the country to return, in a stable manner, back to growth and the European ‘normality’, there is no other way but investments for new projects, infrastructure, innovative ideas with prospects for the Greek society. In this effort, the European Commission stands by Greece in terms of funding and know how support”.

Deputy Head of the Representation, Mr. Peroulakis was also present to witness the new unit that, undeniably, has set high standards for public education in many respects (energy class, infrastructure quality, innovation etc.).



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