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New Athens Metro Line 4: first construction sites ready – TBMs to start digging in 2023



Η Γραμμή 4 του Μετρό-Πηγή: ΥΠΟΜΕ

The first construction site of Metro line 4 is a fact. As it became known, in Katehaki the first normal space occupation took place. The area was fenced after first drilling was done and no networks were found.

Then the first isoboxes were installed and there will be the construction site offices of the contractor consortium AVAX-GHELLA-ALSTOM but also of Attiko Metro.

Respectively, the construction site offices of the contractor of the precursor works, ERETVO, were set up in Galatsi, in the area of ​​the Olympic facilities, where space was granted by the Municipality of Galatsi.

Next place: Veikou Avenue

Next construction site will be on Veikou Avenue located at the western end of the line. This is where the test sections for confirming the networks began. Then the studies will have to be prepared and approved by the Attiko Metro for their relocation.

Then the necessary arrangements and coordination should be made between the forerunner of Attiko Metro and OKO companies in order to carry out the relocation works.

Incisions for the finalization of the OKO sites are made in other construction sites with a few days exclusion of road sections that are then re-opened to traffic.

At the same time, for the preliminary works, instructions are given by the Ministry of Culture for the second project, which is the archeological excavations.

Preparation for the Τunnel Βoring Μachines – The opening of a tunnel and first stations in 2023

At the two construction sites at the ends of line 4, preparations will begin for the reception of the two TBMs. The machines will be ordered from Germany and will be brand new. Their installation and assembly is estimated to take place in the third quarter of 2022.

If all goes according to plan, the two metros will meet in the area of ​​Evangelismos in the park. There they will be disassembled and put out to be used in future projects.

2023 will be a milestone year as subways will begin to open the tunnel of the new line. The first stations will be opened from the east at Goudi and Zografou stations and from the west at Alsos Veikou and Galatsi stations.

The stations to follow

From August and September, it is estimated that the first station construction sites will be closed. These are the stations of the center: Exarchia, Akadimia, Kolonaki and Evangelismos.

Then the squatting of construction sites will continue until the places for the 15 stations and the 9 wells between stations are filled.




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